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16 minutes explaining Short Chair

Short crisis management reveals the features of the most unique political career: the irreversible energy of natural personality, the refusal to accept losses and the instinctive reflex to look for a new opening

His full political arsenal was shown in Trumpian's class of excellence at the Oval Office on Thursday with the Irish Minister President Leo Varadkariu

So the historian was able to pull out a 16-minute tournament for 100 years and find out what it takes to do it

Short Behavior on Thursday suggested paying attention to how he would try to get out of political rookies using unique political tools that made him successful transition from business to Washington.

The torture of Congress came between the sails that would have been disastrous for any traditional politician, as the legal and congressional probes offer challenging challenges as a special advisor to Robert Mue Ller's final report sounds. Of course, she also covered the secret of some Republicans who were unable to challenge their leader during their first two years of presidency

The short refusal to show weakness or humility in the defeat associated with the merciless, merciless temperament and indifferent shame helps to explain why it is so. hard to lower.

Short, sometimes fake, but convincing political skill, was bold, provocative and angry. He was outraged at his success and mentioned his acute sense of human nature and the evaluation of the weakness and discomfort of the wild political opponent.

The short also showed his indifference or the displeasure of rough political allies. his determination to trade in false ways and gave his privileges to his predecessor President Barack Obama.

Short Against Beto

At Thursday's White House meeting Short also asked the magazine about the latest Democratic White House race ̵

1; former Texas Repo Beto O & Rourke. He was ready

"Well, I think he has a lot of hand movements. I've never seen so many hand movements. I said he was stupid, or just the way it works. ”

That's what I believe you will agree – told reporters to journalists Short

And the jaw of Rourke was not just a throw. It was a return to political courtesy, which helped Trump dismantle the Republican primary field in 2016. t

"Gloomy O & # 39; Rourke" gestures may seem extremely important during national political anger and have already begun a debate on heavy policy. yes. But the Short is an expert who opposes and cuts down on opponents, reduces the difficulty of their arguments and nourishes a conservative media machine

Jebo Bush's "low-energy" diagnosis four years ago produced a story about a former Florida governor's campaign that mentioned the grain of truth. One-time GOP front runner can never recover.

Brief against Brexit and Obama

At a meeting point in Tumpo, he said he "does not comment on Brexit, but is inherently unable to constrain himself, can only leave the subject.

At the beginning of his meeting Short welcomed Varadkar and noted that his visitor was in a difficult situation compared to the tortured attempts to end Britain from the European Union, which could harm Irish peace and prosperity

to sincerely call one of his companies, in this case the Irish golf course

. I have a very warm place for Doonbeg, I'll tell you, and it's just a great place to be.

In worshiping Ireland, Short has immediately moved to a characteristic boast of his success, economic governance, and how he organized "all the records … every record of stock markets"

A brief outline of Obama, a feature that double appeared in his photo,

First, he said that the former president had predicted in 2016 that British voters refused to leave the European Union in a referendum until he predicted they would vote to leave the block

. warned the British, however, that they would "go in the queue" for trade with the US if they left the EU

Then Brief said – wrong – that the EU does not "want to negotiate with the Obama administration" on trade. the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) with Europe, although it was unable to agree on an agreement. Europe was unconvinced when he threatened to wage a trade war.

Short against his global partners

Short comments on Brexit also showed the president's tendency to admire dictators to throw allied leaders under the bus.

He criticized Prime Minister Theresa May, whose credibility was weakened by the defeat of the parliament.

"She didn't listen to it and that's fine. to do what it needs to do, ”said Short, who was forced to get a rare apology last year after he refrained from the May Brexit strategy meeting with the UK.

He also reiterated the uncertainty that he had predicted a British referendum when he was in 2016. He flew to his Turnberry golf course. In fact, the Short came to the west coast of Scotland for hours after the referendum was announced.

Does the President know that he is lying, or is convinced that he is the true alternative to him is unclear. But his continued discredited fact is an essential element of his political technique.

Short also put Varadkar asking him to comment on Brexit, threatening to reveal his differences on this issue.

Then Short interrupted Varadkar, who watched the President hear the EU together with one of his national leaders

"The European Union is treating us very, very unfairly," said the Short Screed with another characteristic political device –

"If they don't talk to us, we're going to do something that will be very difficult economically," he said. "We are going to import many of their products."

Most of the leaders go out of their way to avoid the hostility of their colleagues and light up their delicate domestic policies.

Ne Trump.

also revealed another short political action: his resolute efforts to put his appeal to his base – in this case the issue of signing, trade – almost to every political situation

Trump vs Congress

The short also launched the mini-campaign rally, detaining the Senate's vote, abolishing its immediate statement, expressing its rigorous immigration and border policy – always looking at his loyal voters

an interview that was released this week by Breitbart News, Trump revealed yet. one aspect of his character – the feeling that he is being persecuted unfairly – helps him to agree with the voters who feel disregarded by the political elite

. Presid ent commented on political violence.

"I can tell you that I have police support, army support, Trump cyclists support – I have serious people, but they don't feel hard – until they go to a point, and then it would be bad, very bad, – Briefly said conservative website.

The short continuous appeal to its base is undoubtedly effective.

One Republican, the old Thom Till, from North Carolina, changed his vote on a national emergency statement in 11 hours, which was in line with the office of President

. Acosta said Tillis was under severe pressure before a possible initial challenge next year

The official said Tillis had been severely hit by the state.

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