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2 Marvel Films "The Brothers of Russo" to be seen against Avengers: Endgame

New Marvel Film Universe Film Driver Avengers: Endgame is Joe and Anthony Russo, also known as Russo Brothers. Directed by the filmmakers during the round of the film's press, many of the questions they asked were very difficult to answer. That's what they had to say about what MCUs are watching (watching or rewriting) before Endgame in theaters

  Joe Russo and Anthony Russo took part in the Avengers Endgame UK fan event
Joe Russo and Anthony Russo take part in Avengers Endgame UK Fan Festival Picturehouse Central 2019 April 10 London, England. | Dave J Hogan / Dave J Hogan / Getty Images

Russo Brothers Protect Secrets from All

How We Learned About This Press Tour It's not just fans who are in the dark when it comes to what's happening Endgame . Marvel has always guarded the secrets of his films, but never more than now, when the 22-film arc is the MCU. And the keeper of these secrets? At the moment, this is "Russo Brothers".

This role was tested during the interview, avoiding very carefully any detail sheets that might indicate what we will see on the screen. These questions are different from the seemingly harmless queries about individual characters and their interactions to much more extreme than the fate of every Avenger. And while some may know everything (all the signs indicate that Robert Downey Jr is very knowledgeable they are not all fully informed.

These are the movies they say you need to see before Endgame

Although they could not answer all the SYFY WIRE questions put by Caitlin Busch, Russo's brothers managed to give us some information that we expected (of course without a spoiler). When she asked which movie could offer the most clues, or if it contained the most information needed to watch Endgame what they had to say.

"Two movies are really important," Joe said. "[ Captain America: ] Civil War and [ Avengers: ] Infinity War . He Continued:" Civil War we commit to every film that really affected Infinity War and Endgame . I think if someone tells you if there are two films [they]they have to catch up with the two.

Some people have a full MCU marathon before the release of the film

While most do not have time to see 21 movies a week, others are determined to overwrite all of MCU's filmography (and they are likely to have started unless they have tickets to one of them) few AMC displays). Then the question arises: how do you view them and in what order?

We can answer both of these questions to you. In addition to Captain Marvel (which is still the theater of choice), previous 20 Marvel films can be viewed in a video streaming service included in your membership or an additional $ 3 to $ 5 fee. As for the order, it is controversial: although Busch said that the SYFY WIRE staff is overwriting the traditional authorization order format, Russo Brothers has indicated in the social media that they want a chronological order. But you are planning to rewrite it, better make it fast!

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