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49ers News: Mike Silver says George Kent’s contract talks break off

NFL Network spokesman Mike Silver said the San Francisco 49ers and tough George Kenel are not close to the deal at the moment:

Silver hints at Kitta want to pay for a wide receiver rather than a record-breaking end.

Is the Kent camp doing everything it can to increase its value by saying it will give up? I don’t think I’ll get there. Kitty is one of the best players and wants to be paid. August 7 There is an important date because players have until then to decide whether they will give up playing in 2020. Season. If Kittl decided to give up, he would earn $ 150,000, but would have to repay it next season. Anyone who knows Kitt would say it is a long event. Silver said he believed an agreement would be made.

Both sides are thought to have been going in the wrong direction for a few days, and it’s only a matter of time before the national media stopped it. I’m not sure how much stock I’ve put into this information, but earlier in the week I asked if there was any news about Kentel, and apparently his deal is suddenly “disrespectful”. Kitty plans to show up at training camp, but doesn’t really practice. This has not been verified again, but the information is in line with what Silver says above. I understand that the negotiations are going smoothly, but a week ago everything was fine and boring, and now the two sides are very separated? What has changed?

Kitty colleagues think he is the seventh best player in all football. You won’t get a lot of arguments out of what says Kitty isn’t a great player. He wants to be paid as one. Why couldn̵

7;t he? August 12 The team will start “training”. So the seventh and twelfth days of August are the days to watch the Kitty contract. I hope this ignores the season. The last thing San Francisco needs is to hang over their heads as the team tries to win the Super Bowl.

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