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I came back to Firefox … and I'm happy »MuyLinux


I don't remember when I started using Firefox. it was called Firefox, and I think it was a 0.5 version, but I had very little satisfaction with the browser, which I never did completely: because of personal and professional interests I tried every new version to get the first hand news from there to the main navigator is the stretch, and although I tried to return earlier, I failed.

Being rich in the last eight years, Firefox was sad to me I want and I can't . Mozilla's inability to offer the browser to meet expectations is hopeless, worth playing orally. The difference between Chrome's performance, poor integration with the Linux desktop, and Mozilla's interest, at least pretending to be different, was more than cool for me to understand what Mozilla says and many believe their face value is such : Firefox is a secure Internet and so on. I didn't buy it

I think (this is an article of opinion, so) that Firefox technology is not yet Chrome, which still has better performance; that the privacy it offers by default, like most users, is equal to browsers like Chromium or Vivaldi; that neither Mozilla nor Firefox are important for the future of the open internet; and that Mozilla errors are too much to be ignored. This means that my opinion on this issue is quite contrary to most of you. I am convinced that for many years, and every time we talk about Firefox, I will read the same because I read your comments – and many other comments on the Internet –

I and more people Mozilla is not just non-profit for the benefit of the citizens : It is also international with clear economic interests. Or, I think, after seeing swings that gave things like Firefox OS, Pocket Purchase, and other stories in which they invested resources, I don't know why, but while creating Firefox was equal to from Chrome. But what else does Mozilla spend if Google pays them a million to add their search engine … (is it part of their privacy policy)?

In other words, Mozilla Corporation owns and operates a Mozilla fund, both organizations are important, employing a lot of people, and only maintaining their structure requires economic necessity. Since it is necessary to grow and prosper, the giants like Google or Microsoft need to get more money, the better. Of course, maintaining the structure also means maintaining exclusive offices in the center of some of the most expensive cities in the world, or keeping a high salary for their managers. It looks good to me; but let's not be like the life of little sisters of love.

By saying the above, I know that Mozilla is not the same as Google that its main purpose is not only to make money away from spying around the world; that Firefox's feeding technology has improved significantly over the last few years, that it will continue to do so and that even if it does not exceed Chrome, it will be equal to or almost as it already exists; that Mozilla and Firefox are not necessary for either the open source ecosystem or the Internet, are useful and necessary; and that Mozilla's bugs are not even rocky

When writing Microsoft bet on Chromium, Mozilla regrets Mozilla herself quoted that I found it funny: "[19659009] Firefox radically better than 18 months ago. Try it as a weekly browser and then decide "to which I replied" as people who are going to read this article have not used Firefox or given it ] "I know because it's not the first when I test it with Firefox, and I can stand for a couple of weeks before returning to something based on Chromium.

In 2018, I voted for Vivaldi, which I have been using for a lot of years. Firefox collected votes and flipped. Your impulse in favor of the navigator helped me make a decision that I have been meditating for a while and that covers much more than the navigator. But today we are talking about browsers, Firefox, and I'm not going to leave the topic

, I went to Firefox more than a month ago and I am not going to leave it in the short term because I feel satisfied with how it works and its features And whereas the solution I mentioned includes other things that I have to prove in depth and calm, of which I can of course count and reflect on these pages.

If you remember the trick we did in April. who smelled it instantly, who believed (until Firefox & # 39; and Twitter had to go out and say it was a joke!) and who, unbelieving, saw something likely to happen in the near future . When I wrote the trick, I thought it could happen. It doesn't seem crazy because Mozilla can counterbalance giants like Google and Microsoft, and it doesn't seem like a major disaster, although I think the alternatives are always positive.

But here I want Firefox to implement everything you left behind, just to see how it competes with Chromium.

Firefox has trouble correcting and improving, but it is also a great web browser. And, moreover, Chromium or other browsers based on this and much more interesting privacy level than Firefox itself, among which there is no Brave-Opera or Vivaldi, although most of them continue to depend on Google, Chrome, “The domain, the best of today's naegadori, is something you have to fight. And Firefox is the best place to do it

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