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Ariana Grande is in 2019 Rage-tweeter only

You know what happens at the end of each Grammys telecommunications. Except what is will we do with our snark reserves? Since this year's obviously unscrupulous or troubled big winners this year were zero. Most Grammy observers will be able to work for the best players, one worthy candidate who has lost almost as a meritorious candidate. […]

If you think you will get something in the Bruno mode that shook Kendrick, or Adele, splitting the floor with Beyonce (which has even bothered him), the disappointment Grammys had. However, at least some, if not all, of us came out with some picks unexpectedly or unpleasantly. America As Gambin said, we will try to find any divisions we can, or do we?

Snub: Mac Miller

Let's get to know ̵

1; maybe no one Ariana Grande had hoped that the late album of the rapper, though loved, defeated the goal that was the debut of the Cardi B hip-hop world. But when you scatter Grande, it equates to 50 million. In addition, Grande took over her own MIA status from the Grams, which were the right cause or the self-inflicted wound that shook her ex closure. "Trash," she tweeted and immediately deleted it after Cardi won the rap album. Asked about the social media of the fans, she stated that she had no specific use of the term "Cardi". "Nothing to do," Grande replied. "Good for her. I promise. Sorry. "In fact, the electorate faced a very difficult call here, and it is not a great impression that Chris Cornel was rewarded after his death, but did not give the same attention to Miller. On the other hand, the fact that he was awarded a Cardi could be seen as sexuality because he had prevented an innovative woman who was in her place in history. Sometimes voting membership cannot win.

Surprise: Kacey Musgraves

It would be a great opportunity to praise this to be the name of Goldderby.com… so I think it was said. But since I was a minority, let us consider it unexpectedly. Eight candidates for the Year Album were in the first stage of high-end development, and seven were filed. (HER was the only one who could honestly say that she was just happy to appoint and leave her.) Who would have had a lot of money against Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Cardi B, or even the late dark horse Brandi Carl? Also, consider how many times in the history there was an album that everyone keeps track of. That would be two times: Taylor Swift is fearless, and Dixie Chicks is really post-country. Take the Long Way. So let's hear him in Kacey's bat, hitting the house, even we, the researchers felt a little nervous.

Snub: Bjork

The anger of social media about Borky, who is spending an atlantic album, may fall on a small scale. However, its disregard is still worth it because it enters the real territory of Susan Lucci, winning 15 th in a row. Beck has created a great album, but you have to know how many voters just checked Beck, beause Beck. For a long time he can reign, in some way or otherwise, but maybe it was a pleasure for a woman to see that this category is also less predictable, more feminist. In fact, it has never been Bjork – Utopia, though attractive as never, rather than its favorite effort, but St. (St. Vincent won a rock song and won a "room for two" award for his riveting duo with Dua Lipa, so we won't get too much tears about its splendor, unobtrusive.)

Snub: Taylor Swift and Pink [19659004] These two works were the two best albums of any type during the eligibility period, but their unfavorable nominations allowed to predict, but still funny wins. It was great that the Women's Year brought so many left-wing candidates, but it is sad that it cannot be extended to women who are commercially large and popular. Yes, this is also true for the insufficiently nominated Grande, although Ariana was unable to claim that her superstar was a peer by winning one of two categories.

Snub: All Stars

Even though this practically-describing Kendrick and SZA ballad / jam will disappear from the year's category recordings and songs – and Childish Gambino, so no one will be there to charge for hip-hop bias He had to have a shot of the best song written for visual media. But in that category, she got into a small "Laughter", the same obstacle that the Oscar faced. Lamar probably made the right call this year, proud, though we can't help but want him to swallow it and make a show. Obviously, as the Academy awards, he and the SZA will be able to save the biggest movie at night.

Surprise: Drake on the Grammys

Since Richard Nixon went to Laugh-In, saying, "Are you building your bippy?" He went from a boycott of the year to not appear because he left some mysterious worlds to accept a rap song. Even the vagueness of his speech, alleged by Grammy, because they judged him to have taken a pause, could not weaken the spirit of the moment, although conspiracy theorists who thought he was arrested for his light "awards" t shade had all the necessary grace . It is understandable why someone like Drake does not want to show and play pleasantly, when the huge number of nominations here or in other awards shows that so few wins. But you know what? The beautiful random appearance is a good look at it

Snub: The Grammy Telecom itself

Grande has given the reasons why it was known; Childish Gambino can only be guessed. Their causes can be perfect if we can only see behind the scenes. But in Grande's case, her lively conversation with her suffering that she couldn't agree with Ken Ehrlich, who threatened to overshadow what should be the moments of the holiday week… and of course the award for the previous album that was ready to come. This year's Grammys participated in both historic laureates and hip-hop women, especially at the Latin Music Festival and the strong presence of gay performers. there is a danger that there will be no greater point. Drake, at least, got a telegram about what the country will be this year.

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