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CDC says salmonella outbreak in 48 states affects poultry at home Healthy aging

More than 900 people in 48 states have been infected with salmonellosis, and their diseases may be related to home-raised poultry such as chickens and ducks, the CDC reported.

From this week in 2020. 938 people were infected with salmonellosis. The number of cases has doubled in the last month; The CDC reported that 473 people have fallen ill since the last June report.

The alleged culprit in this outbreak is poultry. Public health officials interviewed more than 400 people who contracted salmonellosis, and 74% of them said they had contact with chickens and ducks.

From January When the first disease was reported, the CDC reported 1

5 outbreaks of multilateral diseases. To date, three of them, found in Kentucky and Oregon, have been related to poultry and their cooperatives.

The CDC did not speculate on why in 2020. More people have been infected than last year. The schedule of cases reported by her shows that the cases began to emerge in late March. The CDC reported that cases usually occur in the spring, when poultry farming is most popular.

Chickens and ducks can carry salmonella into their digestive tract, which does not harm them, but can cause diarrhea, fever, and painful cramps in people who are exposed to bird feathers or eggs or their manure bacteria.

The CDC writes that frequent hand washing after treating any animals or objects in their environment, such as eggs, is the best way to prevent infection.

The CDC also urges poultry owners to refrain from kissing or snowing their animals or allowing them inside the house. It is also best to keep children under the age of 5 away from animals, as children are severely ill from the infection.

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