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Cleveland Browns: 40 points before becoming rivals

It's 2019, and Cleveland Browns is a betting lover to win the North of AFC. Yes, those Browns. The same Browns, who has been in the business since 2016. Until 2017 Was 1-31 years old. The same Browns, who have had five main coaches and four front office modes over the last seven years. The same Browns, who did not have a winning season in 11 years, won three times as much as a loss, as in 2012, he won. Ownership changed. The same Browns who are in the 2012-2016 on the list. Yes, those Browns.

To really appreciate Browns' newly created meaning, you first need to know that the franchise has been inadequate and disruptive in recent years. In order to understand the significance of Cleveland's rise, one must remember the year of the dying of the bottom, the spectacular failures and the garbage fires . To understand how Baker Mayfield stands for a dedicated fan base, remember Brandon Weeden, Johnny Manziel, Robert Griffin III and DeShone Kizer.

. Before Browns upgrading his first offshore quay's annual headquarters since 2002, let's remember the lowest and lowest bending points in the latest Brown's epoch. Let's consider boneheaded solutions and the ever-revolving reversible door that defines the era of Browns football. Let's also look at the cunning moves that lie in the background that set Browns to the end.

The focus of Browns' wavy time may begin in several places, but from 2012 onwards. Haslam bought a team from owner Randy Lerner, looks like a good place to start.

But don't forget: it is not 40 steps to build a winner. This is 40 turning points on your journey

  brown-haslam holmgren

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1. 2012 October: Jimmy Haslam buys Browns for more than $ 1 billion

Haslam, who created his own Pilot Flying J (operator of truck stops and travel centers, who later paid a $ 92 million fraud , which FBI says Haslam knowing about acquired 70 percent Browns for $ 1.05 billion after the former owner of the minority Pittsburgh Steelers. It would make sense to start with Haslam because he was a practical owner who directly took many of the key decisions that led the team's future.

The purchase of Haslam was completed in 2012. Browns went 5-11 – the fifth season with no more than five. He announced that 2012 Will be the last season for Cleveland team president Mike Holmgren and his replacement Michael Lombardi worked with Holmgren in transition

2. 2013 Month of January. Browns recruits Brown as CEO and General Counselor, Michael Lombardi becomes Vice President of Player Personnel, and Rob Chudzinski is recruited as coach

Haslam did not use his time before he first heard his term. Chudzinski has been a success for two years as Cam Newton's offensive co-ordinator, Carolina at Browns. Lombardi, which many Browns fans liked after 1993 Published by Bernie Kosar, he returned to Cleveland's office last season and worked as an NFL network analyst. Haslam also led Sashi Brown, a graduate of Harvard Law School, who led the law firm, overseeing team pay, player contracts and various business responsibilities

3. 2013 March. Browns Rents Ray Farmer as Assistant General Manager and promotes Michael Lombard to the CEO

Less than two months after Lombardi and Brown's lease, Haslam once more popularized the office this week as a free agency. Browns hired former Commander-in-Chief, Ray Farmer as Assistant General Manager, and increased Lombardi to the General Manager, although his duties remained the same. Basically Haslam voted in addition to the office.

4. 2013 September. Browns Trade Trent Richardson for 2014 The first round

The Richardson trade showed two basic principles of Sashi Brown: to accumulate capital and clean up expensive salaries. Browns 2012 For the third time, he made Richardson, but he hurried 3.6 meters per carrier as a newcomer. Its value was two more games for the second season, depending on its origin and age. Browns has sold a high young backback that would eventually be remembered as one of the larger NFL stories. The election of the first round of Colts to Richardson was a smart, forward-looking move

5. 2013 November / December: Josh Gordon becomes the first player to have a 200-yard return game

Gordon 2013 Appeared as one of the best broad receivers in the NFL. The recipient of the 22nd year of the 22nd year had 87 achievements for the leading 1646. (It was suspended for 1 and 2 weeks to violate the league's abuse policy.) 12 and 13 games against Steelers and Jaguars, Gordon received 237 and 261 shipyards with Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell. During all their battles, Cleveland lost 200 Gordon's yard games at the end of the season's seven-game loss – Browns found a star in Gordon, named First Team All-Pro.

6. 2013 December. / 2014 Month of January. Browns Firefighter Trainer Rob Chudzinski and recruited Mike Pettine as coach

Browns 2013 This step has gone from some players, in particular to the All-Pro offensive Joe Thomas . After a search for training that Browns has brought about by several candidates (Dan Quinn, Todd Bowles and Josh McDaniels are among the surveyed), the team first recruited Bills Defense Coordinator Mike Pettine Trainer .

7. 2014 February: GM Michael Lombardi and CEO Joe Banner are on vacation, Ray Farmer promoted as CEO

One month after Pettine recruitment, Browns announced Banner and Lombardi who contributed to the decision to hire Pettine , left the organization. What many rated as a home-made cleaning solution for Haslam rose to GM. Time here – after a new manager's lease month into the team's season – was puzzling


Nick Cammett / Diamond Images / Getty

8. 2014 May. Browns Project Johnny Manziel, Joel Bitonio and Christian Kirksey

The project was important for several reasons. Cleveland started with the fourth global choice, but moved to the ninth set, and next year he got the first and fourth Buffalo cuts. (The accounts took the fourth Sammy Watkins.) Returning back showed greater organizational willingness to collect picks by Sashi Brown – Brown during the first round of 2014-2017. Four times passed.

Browns has contributed to his well-known poorly-prepared record by virtue of the first rounds of Trent Richardson trade. After receiving the ninth Buffalo offer, Browns gave Minnesota a fifth to raise one seat. Then in the 8th project they created Justin Gilbert, who played only two seasons in Cleveland. They also traded from Indy's original no. 26 to Nr. 22 to choose the lightning rod Johnny Manziel. Manziel, of course, had to be the future of Browns because the team refused to do so in 2012. The first stage of Brandon Weeden 20 years after two years. Haslam also said loudly that the homeless helped him make a decision to choose the former Heisman Trophy winner. In two years, Manziel launched only eight games

Browns made beautiful cuts with the second and third Joel Biton and Christian Kirksey, who became long-term contributions. However, the first two rounds jump on the team for several years.

9. 2014 August: Josh Gordon stopped for the whole of 2014 Season

After two games stopped in 2013 Gordon was suspended for all of 2014. Gordon ended five games in 2014 After it was restored, but later it was stopped for the whole of 2015. Season another violation of equality policy, and 2016

Browns thought they had found a future star in Gordon, but his inability to stay outside became distracting and took away a quarter of those who went to Cleveland for a lawful no. We will not include every step in the list of Josh Gordon saga as list points in this list, but you can read a separate feature of your highlands and lowlands or MMQB staff writer Ben Bashin Sober in Gordon's effort

10. 2015 February. Browns signed a three-year deal with Josh McCown, one season after Manziel's

McCown signing, but a signal to Brian Hoyer who went to the start in two seasons with Browns. Johnny Manziel started his game season with two games, but a month ago he voluntarily introduced rehabilitation . Manziel April Released from Rehabilitation and 2015 He returned to the Browns, but Browns' quarterly return doors are constantly turning

11. 2015 October: Philip Rivers Overrides Josh McCown in the Second Half

This week's 4th week game didn't seem to have much consequences.

After returning to a matter of close controversy, Philip Rivers drove to descending minutes to create Josh Lamb's walking field. Browns ended 3-13 and earned a second set in another project, and Chargers 4–12 to declare the third, so another result of this game could have changed the way of both franchises

Joey Bosa, who has become a Pro Bowler. A little later we will go to the Browns project

12. 2016 Month of January. At other Bureau meetings, Paul DePodesta is hired as Chief Strategy Officer and Sashi Brown is promoted to Vice President of Football Operations.

More front office turnover: Pettine was dismissed as the main coach after two seasons of 10-22, and Haslam decided to push out a farmer who never hired a coach during his term of GM. In turn, Sashi Brown was promoted and Haslam brought Paul DePodest, formerly Vice President of MLB New York Mets Development, to serve as Cleveland's Strategic Officer. Brown would have the final decision on the decision-making, and DePodesta, which originated from the baseball background, would play a greater role in vision and strategy. (DePodesta would also report directly to Haslam.) If you keep the result at home, this new leadership structure would be Cleveland's third in four years


Nick Cammett / Diamond Images / Getty

13. 2016 Month of January. Browns hires Hue Jackson as head coach

Browns recruited Bengals offensive co-ordinator Hue Jackson just over a week after Pettine was released. Jackson used to be the head coach Raiders, where he went 8-8 in one season. Browns gave Jackson their No. For choice 1, large staff control as part of the lease. Other coaches hired an environment that included Doug Pederson, Adam Gase, Chip Kelly and Ben McAdoo.

14. 2018 March. 6: Browns was cut by Johnny Manziel and signed by Robert Griffin III

Less than two years after Johnny Manziel began, Cleveland ended when Browns cut it. Manziel, who suffered a lot of battles both inside and outside, will be one of Browns's greatest disappointments. Browns signed many injured Robert Griffin III, which was cut after four seasons in Washington, for a two-year deal. RG3 was given the opportunity to compete with McCown for the initial job and won it a week ago.

15. 2016 April: Browns and Eagles trade in the project

Remember that the losses of the chargers that helped Browns protect no. The week before the Browns project was handed over by Eagles, who had desperately moved into Carson Wentz or Jared Goff. They took Wentz after Rams chose Goff no. 1.

Browns got a chest of war to recover: no. 8th and 3rd and 4th round in this project, 2017 and 2017 first Rounder and 2018 "Second" driver in exchange for "2" set and conditional fifth wheel selection. Browns was also able to use Quarterback (what's new), but instead chose to go back with a huge cutting process. This was perfectly in line with Sashi Brown's future approach

16. 2016 April Browns trades in the Titans project

Yes, Browns 2016 This time, Browns traded with Titans, who rose to seven slots to choose the offensive Jackson Conklin fight. 8. Browns received a 15-pack (used in the Corey Coleman receiver), the third round set and the 2017 round. More Property at Sashi Brown & Co.

17. 2016 April Browns draft liner Joe Schobert in the fourth round

It may have seemed small at the time, but Schobert, who was in 2017. valuable player

18. 2016 August. Browns trades Andy Lee and 2017 Seventh round Kasey Redfern Panthers and 2018 Fourth Round Team

Punter Swap Warning! This is not very significant for real dealers, although Lee was a good squad who made the All-Pro team three times in San Francisco a year ago in Cleveland, but more than what he later made. Observe Adjustment

19. 2017 Month of January. Browns finishes 1-15 after Landry Jones leads Steelers' victory at week 17

The last day of the regular season had a huge impact on Browns. straight to the cord. Faced with Landry Jones-led Steelers teams that had already played at the event, Browns took 14-0 in the first half and even overtime after the extra time. However, Jones threw three recurring passes, including the winner of the game with 2:57, leaving overtime to defeat Browns and ensuring Cleveland would earn No. 1. Browns got into the game with the worst football record, but 49 would first choose if Browns won.


Nick Cammett / Diamond Images / Getty [19659010] 20. 2017 m. March. Browns trades in the fourth round of Texans, Brock Osweiler, 2018 Second cycle and sixth round.

It was amazing that the NBA-NIK was too big. It was basically Texans' salaries that signed Osweiler's four-year $ 72 million deal after he started seven Super Bowl Championship Broncos games. Browns had a huge limit space and was ready to absorb Osweiler's $ 16 million guaranteed reward in exchange for a valuable asset project.

Browns September , so Sashi Brown and Browns brass effectively paid $ 16 million. As for the cap and team building, it was a creative way to add value to the future. Browns will use that second round to prepare Georgia's victory for Nick Chubb in 2018

21. 2017 April: Browns' Myles Garrett No. 1

Partly because of the loss of this overtime game in Pittsburgh, not to mention the 14 other games, Browns had the highest total of 2017. t project. They used it in Garrett, a defensive end of Texas A&M. For two years, Garrett has 20.5 sacks and 47 Quarterback strokes in 27 career games and made its first Pro Bowl in 2018.

Of course, this decision meant that the quarter winners were selected during the first round: Mitchell Trubisky, Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson

22. 2017 April: Browns First Trading Texans

After Garrett No Cleveland once again decided to hand over the rescuer by taking the 12th set to Texans, who moved to Watson. In turn, Cleveland received No. 25 and 2018 Browns used no. 25 to reach Michigan security by Jabrill Peppers.

23. 2017 April The Browns Project DeShone Kizer

Using the second round they bought from last year's trade with Titan, they traded for the second time in 2016. In the first round, Browns chose Notre Dame's Quarterback DeShone Kizer, once again turning on QB. Rotary doors were rotating


Nick Cammett / Diamond Images / Getty

24. 2017 December: Browns Closes Season 0-16, Ensuring Common No. 1 round

Season 1–15 years, Browns has become the second team in the history of the league. -16. Kizer launched 15 games as a young man, throwing 11 downs and 22 breaks. 28-24 losses Steelers closed the helpless season in the 17th week. For the second year in a row, Browns ended at the worst league level

25. 2017 November: Texans QB Deshaun Watson practically tears its ACL

Watson has become a Texans starter in the first week of the week, and a newcomer-caller has been linked to the most descending edition of NFL when he overcame his ACL practice for seven games for the season. Texts, then 3-4 with legitimate perseverance goals (Colts QB Andrew Luck spent the whole season), contacted Tom Savage and T.J. Absence of Yates Watson. Houston caused eight losses in the last nine games of the Houston season, ending with 4-12. Houston Trade Browns to buy Watson in 2017 The project, and the fact that the cause of Watson's injuries increased substantially to 4,

26. 2017 December. Browns Leases John Dorsey as General Manager and Fire Sashi Brown

Sufficient enough for Jimmy Haslam, so he dismissed Sashi Brown after the worst seasons in franchise history. (Of course, Brown & # 39; s forward-looking strategy was one of the reasons why the short period was so bad.) Later he hired former commanders, GM John Dorsey, to become the highest man in the front office. Dorsey represented the fourth Browns mode for six years, and in particular he went to work with an abundant traction arsenal and a fairly clear wage limit, mostly due to Brown's. Hue Jackson remained the lead coach after running 1-31 in two seasons at the wheel (and fulfilled his promise to jump to Lake Erie ).

27. 2018 Month of January. Browns hires Freddie Kitchen as a workout and Adam Henry as a trainer

Despite passing Hue Jackson, Dorsey took over the offensive trainer. Cleveland hired cardinals to perform the same title. Dorsey also hired the same name Giants broad receiver coach Adam Henry (also former LSU)

28. 2018 March. Browns sells Jarvis Landry, sent the fourth round and the 2019 seventh round of dolphins

Remember that 2016 August. Browns Acquired in 2018 The fourth vehicle, as part of a merchant who sent Andy Lee to Karolina, and Cleveland used this kit to buy the Jarvis Landry from the Dolphin team, with the forthcoming 7th Knight, trying to restore and dismiss the future. . About a month later, Browns wrote to Landry for a five-year $ 75 million deal. Browns got a much-needed threat at a reasonable price. Landry was also a former LSU Tiger who played Baton Rouge's Instructor Instructor Adam Henry

29. 2018 March. Browns trades DeShone Kizer with Packers safety Damarious Randall (plus option swaps in the fourth and fifth rounds)

Dorsey released Kizer to get to Randall, take the first round Flash Bay killed talents but fought injuries. Browns in the Fourth and Fifth 2018 The stages of the project were put into circulation, but they traded with a top-notch bicycle (at best) to update one of their original safety points. In addition, at the time they were able to solve their Quarterback needs, Browns knew the first five picks of the upcoming project

. 2018 April: Browns Project Baker Mayfield No. 1 in general

Finally, Browns added the highest support to the project. Having sold out the cars that became Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson, after the famous spells of Brandon Weeden and Johnny Manziel in the early 1990s, Dorsey retired from Baker Mayfield. "1" illuminated the country on the fire and 2017 won the Heisman Trophy in Oklahoma. Dorsey made the decision to a later process, and the team was surprised for many, especially with the prototype variant Sam Darnold & # 39; s still on board in 2018 The Quarterback class was endlessly debated with Mayfield, Darnold, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen and Lamar Jackson , who even advocated Browns to take Penn State RB Saquon Barkley no. But Dorsey got her husband and now hopes that the "reverse door" will relax.

2018 April 31: Browns uses an additional capital project to select Denzel Ward No. 4 and Nick Chubb 35 ]

After Mayfield, Barkley and Darnold came from 1-2-3, Browns had several talented players available no. 4, with pick up from Texans. Dorsey chose the Denzel Ward, Ohio State's offset angle, which reached its first season in Pro Bowl.

Browns did not make Texans projects. The next night they prepared Nick Chubb with Houston's early second stage, which they bought separately in the Brock Osweiler deal

32. 2018 April Browns Raised to Antonio Calloway

Browns picked up nine points to design a broad receiver Antonio Calloway, a uber talented player in Florida, using the fourth-round team they received from the Packers Warehouse Packers. who got into a project due to field conditions including sexual assault and failed drug test in the NFL scouts. This step highlights the trend of John Dorsey's approach to the creation of Browns: a bet on talent, even if it involves characters. Callaway had 586 receptions and five runways as a novice

33. August 2018: Browns Trade for Josh Gordon Patriots for 2019 The fifth round

Gordon had a gaming link with the fourth quarter of the first quarter with Steelers, but Browns finally decided to quit. Browns has sold him to New England, has opened Antonio Callaway and has closed a book about the Cleveland epoch of the Gordon epoch.


34. 2018 September. Baker Mayfield leaves the stand and leads Browns to his first win in 635 days

Tyrod Taylor started in 2018. When Taylor left the week 3 Monday night football match against injuries, Mayfield took the field for the first time and returned to win – Browns for the first time since 2016. t December. – 23 passes to 201 meters (without touches or cuts), and he also caught a two-point conversion from Jarvis Landry in the third quarter. Mayfield led the 75-meter game, which lasted almost seven minutes in the fourth quarter, and then one thing was clear: the Mayfield era was officially launched in Cleveland

35. 2018 October month. Browns trades Carlos Hyde to Jaguar for the fifth round

Browns March Signed by Carlos Hyde for three years after Hyde's four seasons in San Francisco. It was before they were preparing for the second round of Chubb. They traded Hyde to Jacksonville six games a season, creating Chubb's open role in attacking the crime. Chubb has released three 100-yard expressions at Browns in the last seven games, including November 176 against Falcons. Dorsey found her new return and added an extra project.

36. 2018 October: Browns Fire Hue Jackson and Todd Haley, and promotes Freddie Kitchen to the offensive coordinator and Gregg Williams to interim coach

After the 33-18 loss of Steelers, which reduced Cleveland's record to 2-5 -1, Dorsey created Jackson and an insulting coordinator, Todd Haley, both faced with a crime. After the 7th week's loss at Tampa Bay, Jackson publicly announced his intention to get involved more in the crime. Between the cleavage of Jackson and Haley, Baker Mayfield appeared in Haley, publicly saying "We don't need much to change" for a crime. With dysfunction rotating around the rookie quarterback, Dorsey eliminated both Jackson and Haley, and promoted defensive coordinator Greg Williams into a temporary coach. Coach coach Freddie Kitchen has become an offensive co-ordinator and player. Jackson became the sixth consecutive Browns trainer who received a loss from Steelers

37. 2018 December. Browns won three straight games, reaching .500 at 7-7-1

When Kitchens started working, Mayfield began to flourish and the team began to win. Browns has won five of the last eight games with Williams as the lead coach and Kitchen Caller performances, including a three-game laureate from 14 to 16 weeks. Mayfield over six stages of the game dropped six landings to one break (and seven landings without interruptions during two game winners)

Last of these three games, December 23. Bengali raised the team to 7-7-1, pointing out that Browns was the first ever since 2007. 500 records at the beginning of the season. Although the team lost their 17-week game, finished 7-8-1, left a lot of Browns fans feeling like they finally had a franchise quarterback that was displaced by the team for years if not for decades. He finished his new season with 3725 meters, 63.8 percent. Completion Percentage, 27 Touchdowns, and 14 Interrupts, Barkley for the second time in the NFL Rookie of the Year Award.

38. 2019 Month of January. Browns encourages Freddie Kitchen to head coach

. Dorsey interviewed many different layers of candidates from former Lyon coach Jim Caldwell and Viking's offensive co-ordinator Kevin Stefanski to Patriots linebackers coach Brian Flores. After all, Dorsey tabulated the Kitchen, the seventh candidate he interviewed continued to lead Browns. The strong connection of the kitchen to Mayfield, how to play the caller, won the front office, and the man who was 12 months earlier became the head coach at any level.

39. 2019 February. Browns sign Kareem Hunt

John Dorsey's desire to gamble. As he did with Antonio Callaway, Dorsey decided to build a talent, despite the strenuous character worries when he signed up for Kareem Hunt, who was cut off in November after a video that was included in a hunt, which was released in 2018. February. , from all places. The leagues later announced that Hunt would be suspended for eight games to violate the League's personal conduct policy. Dorsey, 2016 While preparing Hunt with his elders, he decided to sign it into a cheap deal, despite his ruined past and break with movement

40. 2019 March. Browns for Giants Landscape Holder Olivier Vernon and Broad Odell Beckham Jr.

Browns sent the guard Kevin Zeitler and the fifth round to the giant Olivier Vernon and the fourth round. With the second stage of 2018, Austin Corbett offered cheaper maintenance, Dorsey decided to add Vernon to book a pass-rush with Myles Garrett star. With Mayfield just one season into a cost-controlled rookie deal, Dorsey opted to use some of his team’s plentiful cap space to get another talented edge player.

Just days after completing the Vernon trade, the Browns and Giants completed another swap, this one even more impactful: The Giants sent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to the Browns for a first-round pick (No. 17 overall), a third-round pick and former first-round pick Jabrill Peppers. (Technically the two trades were sent to the league office as one giant deal, even though the two agreements were reported days apart during the legal tampering period.)

Beckham, who had signed a five-year contract extension with the Giants back in August 2018, is reunited with receivers coach Adam Henry, who coached him with the Giants and at LSU, and Jarvis Landry, Beckham’s former LSU teammate. Beckham made headlines for a variety of reasons in New York, but he is second in league history in receiving yards per game. He adds another star to an offense that already includes Hunt, Chubb, Landry and Callaway, not to mention Mayfield at the center of it.

Following the Beckham trade, the Browns’ Super Bowl odds got as short as 14-1tied for fifth in the league in some places.


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After nearly a decade of frequent coaching changes, front office re-boots and quarterback tribulations, the Browns enter the 2019 season with greater optimism than they’ve had in years.

Still, as this era of Browns football proves, optimism and splashy offseasons do not always translate to on-field results. If it feels like this Browns team could be different, that wouldn’t be the first time. Just ask Cleveland fans. These 40 turning points show the winding path it’s taken for the Browns just to get to this point, but it’s still unknown how many more it’ll take for them to reach the ultimate goal.

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