Coca-Cola is a favorite in the world. Whether you order Coca Light in France or their popular cherry variety in Member States, you are likely to have consumed at least one drink in your life. While this is not the healthiest choice, it has been a problem for many. Coca-Cola often does not spice up new flavors, bankruptcy large soda, cherry coke and vanilla, but now they want to launch a new product

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

For the first time in a decade, Coca-Cola brings us a new drink. Hypebeast says the brand will soon launch a new taste for Orange Vanilla. While it sounds too appetizing to me, fans of orange creams and similar tastes will probably be fans of a new flavor. The idea of ​​a new taste came after the marketing team reviewed the success of Coke Zero, looking for other areas where they can improve. They reported that they considered a number of other options, such as raspberries, lemons and ginger. But at the end of the day, Orange Vanilla got green light.

The Coca-Cola brand director said about a new product, saying: "We wanted to bring back positive memories of the troubled summer days, so we leaned against a combination of orange and vanilla that reminds us of the creamy orange popsicles we grew up loving, but classic coke. . "The New Taste Should Be Directed To The US Market Before Summer