Future does not seem to want to be in the same room as Ciara and Russell Wilson this weekend when he called Russ last month on his Freebandz radio show. On Saturday it is planned that the ATL rapper will appear on Clive Davis against the Grammy Party, which Ciara & Russell Wilson was the first to decide to cancel his performance at the last minute when he realized what was inside.

Sources say Future camp felt that event organizers were "uncomfortable" with Ciara and Russ and said their guy wouldn't work. They said that the future was being informed outside, and then decided to criticize the last minute.

Now there are two sides to each story and the future camp says another thing. They said that Future hadn't left for Ciara & Russ, but the show was almost an hour long, and he was instructed to dramatically shorten his performance, which was reportedly not. They also added that Future had no idea that Ciara or Russ was there, but you can believe which side you want.

In any case, Future has secured an appearance and Russ has stayed there. We Will Announce You