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Detroit Tigers footballer JaCoby Jones was so frantic he didn’t talk to anyone for an hour.

He was just shocked by a 93-mile-fast ball from the head of Kansas City Royals starter Kyle Zimmer.

A similar case of a blow to the square occurred in 2017, and in 2019. The hit hit him with a broken wrist, so he now wears a protective face shield on his helmet. This saved him from another serious injury.

But Jones was still not happy.

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“It just sucks,” he said. “It’s kind of scary. When you throw something in a helmet, it can be life-threatening, dangerous.”

On Wednesday, Jones forced the Royals to pay for throwing hard and hard the night before bed. He finally defeated the homeowner in the seventh round of the game and led 3-on-3, pushing the Tigers (4-2) to a 5-4 victory. He is now 8-for-19 (.4221) in 2020, with three home runs and six RBIs.

“I had to give them back a little bit for that,” Jones said. “I just see the ball well on the board and I had to keep it. Hold on to yourself and grind. The game isn’t over until it’s over.”

If anyone understands that concept, it’s Jones. He is persistent, fearless and always wants to stand out. He cut .235 / .310 / .430 last season with 11 home and 26 RBIs in 88 games. Occasionally a little angry, the 28-year-old is trying to take the next step in his career – in ninth place in a row.

“It goes beyond the top of the order,” said Ron Gardenhire, Tigers’ manager. “And you have a lot of chances to score runs, but it looks like JaCoby just puts him in places. I’ve always said that a nine-hole hitter is exactly the same as a one-hole hitter. It takes someone to get to the bottom, and he’s really lucky. well. “

His first home run this season took place on Saturday in the ninth race Cincinnati Red closer to Rasiel Iglesias. Two unsuccessful attempts forced him to move forward to the left field of the house that hosted the duel, giving Detroit its first victory of the season.

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The next day, in the fifth introduction, Jones rescued right-handed Spencer Turnbul to prevent him from running by invading an outdoor wall to rob additional bases of Red Catcher Kurt Casali.

“He can really cover any land,” Gardenhire said. “He has that special athleticism and he has that special talent to be able to go to the wall, not be afraid of the border.”

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Gardenhire initially drove him out of Monday’s home opener series, recovering from a masterful catch, but Jones had other ideas. He didn’t like the idea that Victor Reyes was paying attention, at least not when he felt dizzy.

“He came walking like John Wayne to my office,” Gardenhire said and told me, “I’m good. I can do it.”

“So, as great managers do, I changed my lineup and included it.”

The decision to listen to his center-back paid off as Jones launched the home run for the second time in three halves and gave the Tigers a 4-1 lead, even though they ended in a 14-6 loss due to a punched bull.

And then Jones went to a Wednesday covered in anger energy. Faced with Royals dismissal Ian Kennedy, Jones dealt with a seven-match duel: a slicer, a slicer, a quick ball, a quick ball, a replacement, a slicer.

The next move was a 93 mph fast ball, like the square where Zimmer hit it; this time Jones made a hit.

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“I wasn’t sitting at full speed in every square,” Jones said. “My hands are fast enough to be in myself and I can access them, so sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I waited for one, but he never threw it away.

“My hands are fast enough that I just reacted and put on a good swing.”

A really good swing, just send the ball 370 feet and the Tigers play two games.500 with 10% in 60 games of the season books.

“I just have to get out the gate hot,” he said.

Evan Petzold is a sports reporting practitioner for the Detroit Free Press. Contact him by email. Email or follow him via Twitter @EvanPetzold.