Dr Anthony Fauci said on Tuesday that the development of a vaccine against coronavirus is moving fast. Fauci spoke when President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday a strong defense against the denied use of the malaria drug as a treatment.e coronavirus. (July 28)

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WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump praised Dr. Anthony Fauci and a spokesman for Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, after they both clashed during a congressional meeting on Friday to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“Great work by Jim Jordan and some very good statements by Tony Fauci. Great progress has been made!” A brief on Twitter spoke on board an Air Force One as he traveled to Tampa, Florida, to discuss a coronavirus response and hurricane preparedness.

Trump later retransmitted the recording from Jordan, protesting that people were not allowed to go to church, work and school. The questions he noted about Fauci were heard at the House Select subcommittee on the coronavirus crisis.

Fauci, often criticized by Trump and other Republicans, said people should avoid the crowd – and keep children away from them – to prevent the spread of the virus, which killed more than 150,000 Americans.

At one point, Jordan asked Fauci about the safety of mass protests against racism and police misconduct and whether the government should restrict or even ban such meetings.

Fauci did not hesitate to say to the Ohio Congressman, “I do not understand what you (the public health) official are asking for an opinion on who should be arrested. That is not my position.”

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“Any crowd, whether it’s a protest, any crowd of close people, without masks, is a risk. And I’ll stick to that statement,” Fauci later said. “It’s a public health statement. It’s not a court decision.”

Fauci, who says he has a “complicated” relationship with Trump, has rarely hesitated to spread his disagreements over the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus.

The short avoided Fauci at different points during the crisis, but the relationship seems to have warmed in recent days. The president and the administration’s chief epidemic expert spoke together at an event this week at Red Cross headquarters.

Jordan, one of Trump’s most uncertain allies in Congress, was also a critic of Fauci.

At one interrogation, he told the doctor, “I didn’t see people going out during church services and damaging police officers or burning buildings … There are no restrictions on protests, but you can’t go to church on Sunday. . “

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