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Ethereum (ETH) breaks hope for continuity

Ethereum (ETH) bulls were very optimistic about the rally at $ 300, especially after the last price pumps that have seen cryptocurrency in a few days. However, all these dreams seem to have been completely broken during the flash crash when the price recovered to $ 200. The weekly ETH / USD chart now shows that prices are a moving average of less than 50 weeks. If the price closes below this level, we will have a solid approval and it is expected that in the coming months ETH / USD will fall to a new annual low. We have mentioned that during the next downturn, Ethereum (ETH) costs $ 60, but it is likely that after the events, prices have fallen much more. This is because it is now clear that Bitcoin (BTC) is more likely after 201

4. 2014-2015 Previous Bear Market Share

As discussed in previous analyzes, ETH / USD should have a longer market cycle than the previous one. It is only reasonable to expect that this time there is more money on the market and it will take longer. This is also true of Bitcoin (BTC) because it never had a shorter market cycle than the previous one. This means that Ethereum (ETH), like Bitcoin (BTC), should have a longer market price than before. If at this point a quick reversal is to be made to launch a new market cycle, which would mean that the current market cycle is shorter than the previous one, which cannot be. The price of Ethereum (ETH) is still a good point for long-term bag holders so they can land some of their farms before they do. One mistake many people make in this market is to assume that they have to chase the price because the price will not reach them. This is not the case because, despite the block chain technology, cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH) still have very high risk investments. Some retailers would not want to make $ 1,000 or a little more to cryptocurrency, such as Ethereum (ETH), but for professional traders with millions of dollars of assets under management, such price fluctuations are very different. That's why they have to be on the toes and very sensitive to such price changes

If everything comes out of hand, they sell no need to look at what is a great project Ethereum (ETH) is. They are talking about money, not technology. This is also true for many retail investors in this area who are more concerned with their investments than with Ethereum (ETH). Altcoins, like Ethereum (ETH), is likely to experience the most pain in the next recession, as they have met Bitcoin (BC) in the last few weeks. As Bitcoin (BTC) goes, altcoins like Ethereum (ETH) will be more difficult as they go harder when Bitcoin (BTC) rallies.

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