Garth Brooks will not be competing for the Entertainment of the Year at the CMA Awards this year. Brooks, a seven-time award-winning country music honorary winner, considered by many to be the best prize in the format, said on Wednesday that “it’s time for someone else to hold the award.” Here’s more on what led to his decision. Now for the rest of this week’s music news from Music City.

A new ringtone by Randy Travis

Randy Travis, a Hindu and non-traditional Nashville floorwriter at the Country Music Hall of Fame, released Fools’ Love Novel this week – his first single from a near-fatal blow that severely damaged his voice in 2013. as his beloved baritone returned to the airwaves.

Ask before you use

Towards 2020 For the election, dozens of musicians are urging campaign committees to seek permission before using music at political rallies. A letter to the Republican and Democratic leadership described the risks of aligning artists’ music with certain political beliefs without prior consent, saying: “… it undermines the campaign process, confuses the voting society and ultimately distorts the election.” The authors of the Nashville songs, signed by the Artists’ Rights Alliance, are Jason Isbell, Sheryl Crow and Mary Gauthier.

Bonus interview: With the help of new music for the second time, Christian songwriter Chris Tomlin tells The Tennessean how he finished writing a new album with some of the biggest country music stars.

Noise from Nashville

Masterpiece ‘

Yes, we reviewed Taylor Swift’s surprise album “folkore”. And what to surprise anyone is great. Read why a critic of the USA Today Network thinks it’s her “masterpiece.”

Rotate this song

A confluence of top-level Kentucky songwriters playing country classics? Yes, please. Country Music Hall of Fame initiator Ricky Skaggs and contestant songwriter Larry Cordle are joining fast-paced penman Tyler Childers, who chose the 1980s hit Highway 40 Blues, released on Wednesday at Spotify Sessions.

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