According to Texas health officials, Ashanti Grinage, 4, died of flu complications.

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The father of Texas is clever

His four-year-old daughter Ashanti Grinage created a high fever on January 29th. Martel Grinage said she had been diagnosed with flu and had been sent home with medicine.

Two days later she died. Grinage told the Dallas news department WFAA that doctors failed to diagnose their daughter's persistent cough as pneumonia.

"On Tuesday, when she went to the doctor, she had pneumonia and we didn't know," he said. 19659007] The family of Garland, Texas, said their 4-year-old woman did not get the flu. The cause of her death was the flu season, which was not as urgent as last year, as deaths fell. Influenza complications last year were reported by 180 children as reported by disease control centers.

But the flu begins to hit some communities. Schools close and administrators are trying to find enough substitutes to replace sick teachers

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Family took Ashanti back to emergency department on Thursday when she experienced severe fatigue and cough. 19659005] "Doctors told me that where her lungs were inflamed by the lungs and that they did everything they could do," said Grinage.

Grinage told ABC 13 that he asked the doctors to check his only child getting infected the first time he was in the emergency room

"I'm angry at myself. I'm angry at everyone. I'm angry at the hospital. I am angry with God, ”he said. "I can't lie to you."

Flu Outbreak Closes Four Schools

The latest CDC weekly report shows that 28 children died of this flu season .

However, New York and 24 states, such as Colorado, Indiana and Virginia, report 'big' activity. Influenza outbreaks are responsible for closing schools in at least four countries.

Some school administrators said they were using a closing time to clean and disinfect the flu bacterium school.

Influenza Activity Level Report (Photo: CDC)

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Mississippi ]

Camper in the East East of Mississippi Lessons on Monday, February 11th. and Tuesday, February 12 for flu. "Superintendent Jackie Pollock" says that in the last week there were no 100 students with flu symptoms in primary and secondary school. Pollock said closing schools would allow students to rest and visit doctors

In North Mississippi, the North Tippah School District and the South Tippah School District canceled Friday classes due to illness. Employees have closed the class to remove the flu-causing germs. Around 350 schoolchildren reported news shops in the neighborhood last week.

North Carolina

The North Carolina School System canceled student and employee classes on Friday, February 8th. Phyllis Yates, Head of Public Schools at Ashe County, said 452 students were incapable of working in five schools and an early learning center. Another 38 pupils arriving at school were sent home. Thirty teachers were incapacitated and their substitutes could not replace them. Yates said that the work teams would get school disinfection and the classes were canceled.


Last week, primary and secondary school in northern Alabama was closed because it was difficult to find substitutes for staff in the area. Lawrence County Head of School Jon Bret Smith reported that families at Moulton Primary School and Moulton High School should use the time to recover.


Three Idaho school districts closed earlier this month, one district after a large number of students was not on the flu


and Fremont school districts in East Idaho have closed their schools due to record-breaking one or more days, says Idaho State Gazette.

The Fremont school district closed the next day after a third of their study institutions came in for "flu-like illnesses," the newspaper said.

"He falls from the air and descends into a basket, remote controls, and doors," said Mike Taylor, a public health epidemiologist in East Idaho, about the flu virus. “Wash your hands frequently. When you leave public space, clean and wash your hands. ”

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