When Google decided to underestimate its work with sockets API, there were questions about what would happen. Some of these responses came when third parties began to send messages to Nest's owners saying their programs and routines would not work with their cameras, thermostats, and other devices that lasted until August 31st. At the same time as Nest's account holders unreasonably move their roots to a Google Account, the question arises as to whether the entire Works with Nest integration will be migrated. Google has returned with answers today

Google will be able to make all of its improvements in two steps to recover the most positive benefits that should be "migration to Google migration, and suspicious actions come under certain control measures. In addition, its developer partners would be subject to stricter privacy standards when using socket sensors and records and how to manage permissions ̵

1; one example is to allow third parties to process data from outdoor cameras, but

Currently Google says that existing Works with Nest integration will continue to work as long as third-party developers decide to opt out. The company claims that their Nest equipment will stop accepting new WWN connections on August 31st.

Instead of WWN, Google will advertise its work with the Google Assistant API for more activation ways, such as . Google Assistant is already associated with more than 3,500 partners (including IFTTT) and 30,000 devices, which means users are likely to find the same programs and actions from the Works with Google Assistant library they had from Works with Nest libraries for all Nest devices. There is no automatic auto-transfer, so it will "pull out, play back and play" as it happens.

The company also works with Alexa's Nest Nest Thermostat and Nest Cam Amazon Echo base, which will not be able to benefit from the WWGA API

When Scott Scrivens first wrote about Nest's movement , it has formulated it as a test of Google's good services for customers, which has not necessarily been transferred to that name. It has a lot of mixing to seal confidence in Nest.