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Grams 2019: 10 Things to Know About Drake Separation to Michelle Obama

Marking Points: Country Star Kacey Musgraves won the year's album, the biggest night, Golden Hour. It is linked to the four Gambino children's awards, most artists. Alicia Keys was the host, and she skillfully moved the show while simultaneously playing two pianos. There were 18 performances here and we took them all

Meanwhile, there are 10 things to know from the evening:

1) Children's Gambin spent the show.

One of the biggest winners was Gambin (known in many other artistic efforts, like Donald Glover), but the multifunctional author was nowhere to be found, so there were a few awkward moments, for example, when his song "This Is America" ​​became the first hip-hop track win the song of the Year and Year record, and he was also not at home.

He was not the only star to miss this year. Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande watched the television if they watched the ceremony. The absence of Gambino is not surprising. He reported that he refused to take the awards, although it is not clear why. Maybe his last year's experience was blamed: he sang on the stage in the broadcast – when he won two of the biggest Grammy awards – and won over

With a child Gambin passing the show. Mike Bozzi, Derek's MixedByAli Ali, Ludwig Göransson and Riley Mackin have accepted the Grammy's "This is America" ​​year. (Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images)

2) Drake reaches Grammys and Grammys has dropped Drake.

Though Drake was tirelessly encouraging Scorpion because the double LP fell this summer, he was among the artists who said he had given up the opportunity to make an award. So it was quite surprising that he was involved in accepting his trophy after he won the best song of the "Plan of God" rap. Why did he decide to turn out to be clearer when he said his speech, Grammys' critically acclaimed criticism of the bad job of honoring genre-specific genres.

"I want to take this opportunity, and I'll talk to all the children who look at music for all, my peers, who make music from my heart doing what is pure and telling the truth. I want to let you know that we play in sport based on opinions, not in actual sport. So not the NBA, where at the end of the year you hold the trophy because you made the right decisions and won the games, ”Drake said. "This is a business where sometimes it depends on people who may not understand, a bunch of things to know, what a mixed racing child from Canada must say or fly a Spanish girl from New York or others."

The point is that you have already won, if you have people who sing your songs orally, if you are a hero in your hometown, see if there are people who have a regular job that goes into the rain he doesn't know what's coming because his microphone was suddenly turned off because he was in the middle of the sentence. who, in beautiful irony, helped the whip

Drake receives the award for the best "God Plan" rap songs (Matt Sayles / Invision / AP)

3) Surprise Michelle Obama's arrival.

So … what was the first lady doing the Grammy Awards? Although there was no explanation, it is worth noting that its former chief of staff, Tina Tchen, is led by the Recordi Academy Diversity and Inclusion Working Group. In any case, the spectators were impressed when she took the stage segment with Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Jada Pinkett Smith and Alicia Keys.

After the other three talked about their gratitude for the music, Obama began to speak, but the crowd applause drowned him. "Okay, we have an exhibition to do that!" She laughed, and then rooted in her tribute, which was, of course, a reference to Beyoncé: "From Motown's records I bought southern songs" that have led me over the last decade, music has always helped me tell my story. . . Whether we like country, rap or rock, music helps us to share ourselves. Our dignity, our pains, our hopes and our joys. This allows us to hear each other and invite each other. Music shows us all that is important, every story in every voice, every song in each note.

Lady Gaga, Jada Pinkett Smith, Alicia Keys, Michelle Obama and Jennifer Lopez on the Grammy scene. (Emma McIntyre / Getty Images for Academy of Records)

4) Lady Gaga talks about mental health

Lady Gaga had a great night with Shallow's performance, The Star Is Born – not to mention three awards: pop solo "Joanne (Where Do You Think You Are"?) And Visual Media Song And Pop Duo Groups Shallow. and gave a shout to his partner, Bradley Cooper, who participated in BAFTA London.

She also spoke seriously about how "Star Born" deals with mental health (specifically, Cooper dependence.)

"Many artists are working on it and we have to take care of each other. So if you find someone hurt, don't forget, ”she said. "And if you are harming, though it may be difficult, try to find that you have the courage to dive deep and go and say something and take it to you with your head."

5) It all sings.

Let's be sure: Grammys telecommunications is usually just one big concert, and there were pretty amazing performances. Dolly Parton is such a hard worker that she introduced her career retrospective medal, which saw her daughter Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Maren Morris, Kacey Musgraves and Little Big Town, and closed the 9–5, which brought the crowd [19659027] On the other side of the spectrum, Diana Ross worshiped with the 75th anniversary of the public birthday, which was six weeks before her real birthday (only she can do it). Alicia Keys interrupted herself to host two piano concerts and eight songs at the same time. Mr Lo, for some reason, took Motown's tribute. Travis Scott reduced the fence. Janelle Monáe brought out vaginal pants. Ricky Martin went to Havana with Camila Cabello. (Again, you can read our evening's performance rating here.)

Camila Cabello Havana performs at the 61st Grammy Awards.

6) Dua Lipa raised Grammy president against Grammy

When he received the award for the best new artist, British pop star Dua Lipa said it was an honor to be "nominated together with many incredible female artists this year, because I think this year we have really strengthened? ”- Direct Shadow Academy President Neil Portnow's

Last year, when asked behind the scenes about the absence of women winning television awards, Portnow said that she must start with" women who have a sense of creativity in their hearts and souls who want to become musicians who want to become engineers, manufacturers and want to be industry leaders in executive level… [They need] I think they would be welcomed. Hashtag #G

Well, Dua Lipa's speech on Sunday came straight ahead of the recorded montage, where famous musicians spent a few minutes singing Portnow's prizes, talking about time – just before Portnow became firm to talk about improving diversity and gender equality .

Dua Lipa agrees with the best new artist Grammy

7) 21 The absence of Savage was barely mentioned

Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, a 26-year-old rapper, better known as 21 Savage. The US Immigration and Customs Law Enforcement Authority last week overdue its visa. Savage, born in the United Kingdom and brought to the United States as a child, is held at the Georgian Detention Center and was therefore unable to attend Grammys – although he was nominated for two Rockstar, Post Malone Songs, which he presented.

The music community arrived last week at Savage's social media, but barely looked at the rapper on Sunday. Post Malone didn't even mention his song about Savage. (Later, his publicists sent a burst of PR showing that they were wearing a shirt with a reporter's name under his jacket, but he wasn't visible in the telecom.)

In fact, the only person who mentioned the Savage all night all night was Ludwig Göransson, " Childish Gambino, The Is America, which has received the award on behalf of Gambin. "21 Savage, he should be here," Göransson said, because the music turned it off.

8) Mac Miller's Absence was Known

Mac Miller's mother reported a late rapper who died on September 26th. from fentanyl, cocaine and alcohol. Miller was nominated posthumously for the best rap album Swimming, which was his first Grammy tutorial.

Cardi B won and said on the backstage of Instagram video: "I read the article that the Mac Miller family said he wouldn't win, they want me to win, so I'll share the Grammy with you.

9) Cardi B Grammy History

The Bronx rapper became the first solo performer to win the best rap albums (Lauryn Hill was the first woman to win with the remaining Fugees in 1997). Cardi B thanked his daughter and said, "When I found out I was pregnant, my album wasn't finished. I had, like, three songs I really had. And then you know how it was: We were like:" We have to get this album so that I could shoot these videos while I was still not showing. "And it was a very long night."

Cardi appeared on a red carpet with escort in 1995 by Thierry Mugler

10) Random Future from New England

Sorry, New England Patriotic Star Devin McCourty and Julian Edelman, what are you doing in Grammys? Didn't you get enough attention last week?

Answer: Yes, yes, they did, but CBS, which hosted Grammys, also broadcasted the Super Bowl, so this network was the right way to get cross-promotion. Unfortunately, given that Grammys were in Los Angeles and the patriots beat L. Rams last week, there were several West Coast crowds.

"Well, we did it, man. Thank you for the fun. In addition, thanks to Boos, McCourty joked while he and Edelman introduced the best pop duo / band performances. "I thank you for supporting your community."

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