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iHeart Music Awards: Taylor Swift and Katy Perry (possibly) Kiss, Taylor Swift Slams Hater, Alicia Keys Children

As always, the iHeartRadio Music Awards have proved to be one of the biggest and most exciting nights on television. This is always one of the most relaxed awards when everyone just gets a good time.

The night was full of great live musical performances, including the staging of Alicia Keys and her son. Another collaboration of surprises saw Jurassic Park and Galaxy Custodian star Chris Pratt, who joined Garth Brooks on the scene for an unexpected vocal duet

But perhaps the most likely feature was Katy Perry and Taylor's release of Swift in the same direct event. This did not happen for quite a long time, and of course not because both seemed to be reconciled with their long-desired disappointment.

So the big question was, what would happen if they were under one roof? Could they get into another on a red carpet? Appears along the stage? Do you really do it together? Well, it is possible one of these things happened, but nobody is very sure about Thursday night.

Check all the important things from the big night of the night:

Is Katy Perry and Taylor Swift a kiss?

Ironically, the biggest moment of the night did not happen at all. The painting started with Perry, who kissed something on the red carpet, and for some eagle eye fans they were sure it was Swift. But no one seemed to know.

Katy quickly stepped sideways through the chat segment to quickly turn to the cheek, but ET Canada believes that the response from the camera crew and hosts has said everything. The camera did not tear it to capture another woman until and after, and after looking back, the hosts spoke and turned back to the woman.

Of course, they would have taken the opportunity to have a huge viral moment, much better recorded if it really was Swift, right? By the way, a quick shot of a woman's profile in the frame looks like Swift

Katy Perry is open to a collapse with Taylor Swift

Their frustration has completely eroded now, Katy Perry has proven to be ready to take the next step by correcting her relationship with Taylor Swift: Collaboration. Although no one was published, the American Idol judge ET said she was open to the idea.

As Katy Perry, she couldn't just say. In fact, she attended a red carpet in the same dress she wore in her new music video with Zedd, 365, where she plays Stepford Wives (Robot). "I'm playing with Zedd, [so] I'm open," she said in the store.

Zedd, who was with him on the carpet, added: "I've programmed it to play with any person. "

" I am a cute AI, "said Perry.

Taylor Swift Slams Her Haters

Taylor Swift went to the Round of the Year Award and immediately took advantage of his host language's ability to kill hate speech.

"I think one of the most amazing things the whole trip has been like is that, like all six months before the first show of this tour, everything I read about the tour said it would be a huge failure. trip, ”she said.

"And you know it really surprised my self-esteem. It was really great to hear people saying I was playing almost empty stadiums. ”

But she then turned around and had nothing but praise and appreciation for her fans and those who believed in her. "You guys are the only reason why this trip was not a big failure and why it has become the biggest big trip in US history," "This is you." But don't believe rumors that the album contains a new album: "When you have new music, you're the first once you know, ”she said. so much. "

Cardi B Presents His Award

Cardi B was not an award ceremony but still managed to create one of the memorable and viral moments. Rapper took home the Hip-Hop Artist Award and thanked his fans for their support through the video.

Once again she thanked her hate instigators as she did last year. "You know, I have to thank my hate, you know what I'm saying," she said. "Because you say it is things and you think it means that everything will scare me, but it only makes me harder."

Then she closed her reception language, descending and defeating her enough to get enough we really hoped it would wash it out in advance. Yes, it has already been turned into a GIF and run

The Monster Rocks the House

The most beautiful costume of the year "Masked singer" has brought its triumph to return to Fox as the host T-Pain, who was revealed both as a winner and a celebrity under the finals – once again with the eye of Monster to make his own. track with Jamie Foxx, Blame It.

He also joked that only the PTSD gave him a suit, but the audience never did. "It sucks," he said. The pain is not the only artist who complains about the inconvenience of carrying those big suits, but he could have been the most restrictive for his natural movements.

However, we do not have to scare off the funny exhibition of our colleagues. It was too much fun and we need more of them to get into the costumes so we can find out what they are.

Chris Pratt sings with Garth Brooks

Chris Pratt has fulfilled his fanboy dreams – jealousy has turned the fans all the time. his icons and heroes, Garth Brooks

The star of the Galactic Guardians was ecstatic and honored enough to be allowed to present the country's musical legend to the scene, but when he returned to the set to join him

Pratt shared a sweet behind the scenes with Brooks and his group behind the scenes after their appearance, recognizing that it was such a big deal for him to have eyes in tears.

Alexa Wins Game Changer Award

Bobby Bones and Garth Brooks presented the first Game Changer Tech award for technology that brings music fans closer to their music with new and innovative tools. And this year's recipient was ready to accept the award. But she had to tell Bobby her name before she replied.

Well, Amazon Alexa took the top prize and even had a fairly reasonable reception language. And she did not forget all the surrounding small technologies that helped her achieve this honor.

"She feels like electricity," she said about a big win. “I couldn't do it without my fans, especially all of you are ceiling and bathroom fans. And a big call to Wi-Fi to always support me. Without it, I would be pointless.

Alicia Keys Sons Steal the Show

Alicia Keys had a special guest for her performances, but it was completely over. His eight-year-old son, Egypt, has shown that musical talents go in the family, watch the elephant bone and perform next to his famous mother, "Raise Man."

Better yet, he had his baby chain in order to call his child in the spotlight. And he was not satisfied with his impressions of his piano skills. Later, when Keys asked the audience: "I don't know my name," Egypt has taken a few moments to show off his flossing skills.

Someone says we will hear a lot more from this talented young man in the coming years.

At night, Keys shouted for the next son, four-year-old Genesis, and accepted the Innovator Award. "Actually, my son, Genesis, may be trying later to get out of Taylor," he laughed. "He works without knowing how it is happening, but now looks very good!"

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