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John Bolton: Man Leading US to War … Any War US News

T The United States is now carrying out three major confrontations around the world that can break into war. All three seats in the driver's seat are John Bolton, one of the hottest American military forces ever working in the White House

The 70-year-old Donald Trump National Security Advisor was considered a US foreign policy for the past four decades and spent that time no matter was it a government, but also in many cases arguing that it is the most unfavorable position in any of its contradictions.

"He believes America is leading, the world is a safer and better place – not only for us, but for the whole world," said Mark Groombridge, who for more than 10 years worked at Bolton


Obama's Bolton grape mustache was almost a constant presence of television, almost always on Fox News, where he opened up the disdain and spleen in a democratic administration.

Nowadays, Bolton seems to have been very entertained by a top-level policy-making body that once seemed to have failed.

Bolton seems to have played an important role in the collapse of the second Summit of the Summit with Kim Jong-un in February, when he appeared to have created a maximalist need for all or none of the disarmament that was made by North Korean dictator Hanoi. The year of diplomacy was halted, and Kim, who was hoping for a more gradual approach, now began to return to the US to return to missile testing

. US leading voice on failed attempts to change regime in Venecuel in April. end of the year. At the backstage, he insisted he did not want the South American leadership to come up with more aggressive ways to support Maduro.

And with the rapid escalation of tension with Iran, Bolton took advantage of this initiative, forged military deployments in the Persian Gulf, which had already been developed as controversial actions against Tehran, and reportedly irritated some Pentagon and intelligence agencies, creating sensational intelligence on Iran military movements

on April 29 instead of the White House, but at the CIA headquarters. It was an echo of Iraq's warfare, when Dick Cheney, George & Bush's vice president, did the same thing.

It now seems that Iran's military preparations for intelligence indicate this was an unforeseen event. pending US attack – this is not an unrealistic waiting for Bolton's record. 2015 He has demolished Obama's diplomatic efforts and has now helped sadly comment on the name "stop the Iranian bomb, bomb Iran". Bolton is characterized by pugnacious moods, entering Iran, and US ambassador to the United Nations in 2006. Photography: Justin Lane / EPA

Bolton grew up in a Baltimore-based republican working group and his first political experience was a volunteer condemned in 1964. Barry Goldwater, Arizona's Conservative Campaign

Bolton, who saw Goldwater was a cartoonist in the major media, deepened his unreliable for the Liberal East Elite Yale University, where in 1966 he became the author. came to a scholarship. Unlike many of his fellow students, he strongly supported the war effort in Vietnam, but not until his involvement. He avoided the project by joining the Maryland National Guard

. He helped to use his degree of law as an advisor to the Reagan administration, and in 2000 he was a lawyer.

Bolton went to US diplomatic efforts at the Bush State Department. He gleefly described the "hammer" in 1994. Harmonized Framework Agreement with North Korea. She was already saddened, but she has been testing Pyongyang plutonium for seven years now. Bush's team rejected negotiations with unfair treatment but said that former US negotiator Christopher Hill had no suitable alternative

"You think John Bolton wanted to invade North Korea," Hill said. "I've never seen him put in a helmet, I take a gun, so I'm not sure what he thought. It was not like these people would have thoughts on how to go forward.

Before the Iraq invasion, Bolton served as Secretary of State for Arms Control. He did not make this policy, but he did it.

One telling episode, he was sent to The Hague to get rid of the Brazilian diplomat named José Bustani, General Director of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, who persuaded Libya and Iraq to sign the Chemical Weapons Convention. This would hurt war with Saddam Hussein, and Washington was furious, demanding that Bustani exceed his powers. 2002 February. Bolton came to the Netherlands with an ultimatum

"He came to my office and said," You have 24 hours to leave, and that is Dick Cheney's instruction, "remembers Bustani. Bustani refused, stating that he had recently been elected as second-year US sponsor. "And then Bolton said: think better about it because we know where your children are."

Two Bustani sons were working in New York at that time. Bustani was appalled and kept his land but failed. The Bush administration convened a special conference of Member States and finally forced Bustan.

Bolton previously denied the threat to his children

"It was a very unhappy experience," Bustani said. “This person is different from anyone I met in my life. It does not allow dialogue. You are not talking to him. It's just a brutal force, everything.

Bolton's management style returned to him when he turned to his next job as US Ambassador to the UN in 2005. The Senate refused to approve it, and Bush had to bypass the Congress, putting him in a temporary appointment that ended in 2006.

He spent a year outside the government in the field of high wages at the American Business Institute, a leading conservative intellectual center in Washington, as a Fox News pundit, and especially a paid speaker of the cult-type Iranian opposition group, the People's Mojahedin Organization (MCC), who has been assigned for many years For the US and EU terrorist group

  Bolton played Trump as Stradivarius, according to one former assistant.

Bolton "played Short as Stradivarius," according to a former assistant. Photo: Saul Loeb / AFP / Getty Images

This is the background that convinced Tehran that Bolton is inevitably set for a forced change of regime. If you are on the way to war and return to dialogue, you may need Trump to fire Bolton

A short joke with other officers and foreign leaders that Bolton wanted to overcome. "I really calmed John, who is quite amazing," President said last Thursday to journalists.

There have been reports, however, that the joke may be thin and that Bolton's direction is short for concern. [19659004"JonahroTrumphasaStradivarius"-Bolton'sAssistantGroombridge"JohntheGreatforthePresident"AndnowyouhavealotofpeoplewhoareblockingwhatishappeningwithIran

Groombridge added: "The problem is that we have a president who is so lively that you know he can wake up in the morning and just randomly tweet: John is gone.

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