Kodak Black did not allow a small thing detained at the Canada-United States border to prevent him from paying. The Florida rapper has used its recent contradictions, whether they come from rap beef or legal issues, and has created a platform that has almost daily headlines. His recent law took place a few days ago when he tried to re-enter the United States after trying to travel from Detroit to Boston on his way to Canada and New York. Although it was reported that he was going to the United States, he was stopped and searched at the New York border. He and his companion were found with marijuana and loaded arms.

Rapper paid his $ 20K bond and released it back to work. He was forced to cancel two shows due to his short imprisonment, but yesterday he refused to record video on many of the single "Quick" and has several performances. However, TMZ reports that Kodak may need to rethink its upcoming Canadian concerts as it may appear to be banned from entering the American friendly neighbors to the north

Kodak is scheduled to run in Montreal on Monday and Toronto on Tuesday, but the Canadian Border Office reports that "anyone crossing a border to Canada must prove that they meet the requirements to enter or reside in a country, there are grounds for refusing entry. "

However, persons having the right to enter, even if they have a criminal record, are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. People who are determined to have charges or serious crimes will resist the border. However, even if Kodak was rejected, he could apply for a temporary residence permit, but even then, with his story, he could be a fight against defeat.