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Lin Shelton That Marc Maron knew

Was it a different dynamic of “Sword of Confidence” that, although you starred in it, was ultimately her film?

Until then, we grappled with feelings that were deeper than creativity and friendship. She was separated [from her husband, the host and actor Kevin Seal] and the tension became even greater. We worked together on the script for many years and we didn’t manage to do that. It’s like “I’ll write you a movie.” I’m like, “Yeah, well, really.” And she did. She and Mike O’Brien came up with the idea – she decided to be the owner of the pawnshop because she passed through the pawnshop, and she wanted it to exist.

What was the daily experience like in the film?

It was awkward and difficult for me. It was hot there [in Birmingham, Ala.]. I felt greasy. It was very scary for me because I was built with a lot of monster improvisers. And after a day or two I told Lyn, if you don’t wrap them up, I’ll be that stupid straight man going to the top of the most popular characters. I will be overwhelmed with outrage and will not be able to distance myself from it. And Lin chose an interesting action in that movie [as the troubled ex-girlfriend of Maron’s character]. That scene when it comes to grab that ring [chokes up], the emotions were real. It really Lina keeps me open about what she did in real life as well. Once she solved some things in her relationship and we were able to acknowledge true love for each other, I actually told her – there was a drama here – I said, “Look, if not Try what’s going on here, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life. “And so we did.

Didn’t you want to acknowledge your relationship in the podcast?

It took a long time and I learned a lot of lessons about it. My audience has established several relationships with me. When you talk about something, they have no voice. So choose what you do there. When Lina and I were able to start seeing each other, we kept a low profile for about three to six months and then it started to get involved in the conversation more easily. I think she was angry about it. She was, “When can we be who we are? That’s enough. ” And I’m like, “Yes, you’re right.” This quarantine was not the biggest of the situations, but it accelerated action. This allowed us to double our time together. She moved all her things here and we were together the whole time. We cooked and talked and finally started working on the script again.

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