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Man Suffering From Potentially Deadly Brain Infection After Cotton Hair Removal In Ears

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We are probably all guilty of cleaning cotton buds for our ears at some point and, if you are one of them, you may want to stop doing it. This was because he reported that a 31-year-old British man had a potentially fatal brain infection after he used cotton buds to clean his ears.

NY Post

According to the Live Science report, an unidentified person developed a necrotizing otitis, which began in his ear canal, before he was infected with the bone at the base of his skull and continued to grow up in his brain lining, meninges. Necrotizing otitis media is defined as a bacterial infection directed to the mucous membrane of the skull, and this case was also reported in the British medical journals on March 6, although it was unclear when this occurred.

However, this infection spread to his ears and brain about five years ago before doctors discovered it and were shocked. It's really long! Man apparently has been suffering from infection symptoms for five years, but he did not realize it

  Man suffers from potentially fatal brain infection after he has used cotton to clean Bud ears - BUZZO WORLD 1

Source: Live Science

He told doctors that he had had pain and hearing loss in the left ear over the past year, but when he went to doctors he was treated with only two serious ear infections. The situation worsened until the headache was so bad that the pain was vomiting

The infection was not discovered until it began to experience neurological symptoms, such as Seizures and unable to remember the names of people before the Coventry hospital had finally collapsed. Doctors conducted some tests, including a CT study in their brain before they learned that there were two abscesses filled with bones at the base of their skull. That sounds bad!

  Man suffers from potentially fatal brain infection after he has used cotton to clean his ears - BUZZ 2 WORLD 2

Source: Health 24

Following a further inspection, they discovered a cotton bud that was placed in one from his ears, when he used cotton buds to clean them. The infected wool was already covered with wax and surrounded by garbage when removed from the ear.

Fortunately, a man was able to recover completely after a small operation to remove cotton, and was built for an intense course of two weeks of antibiotics to ensure that there is no more infection. Some of the symptoms that accompany this infection include a persistent and bad smell of yellow or green pus coming out of the ear, pain in the ear, hearing loss and itching that will not leave your ear in the canal.

  Potentially fatal brain infections after cotton tissue cleaning in the ears - BUZZ 3 WORLD

For illustration only | Source: Aliexpress

In addition, cotton buds should be used to clean the outside parts of the ears, not internally, as this will increase the cleansing of the ears and further worsen . In fact, the NHS advises people to keep their ears clean, as it will usually disappear. Or you can put your ear in two or three drops of olive or almond oil twice a day for a few days. Otherwise, you can visit a pharmacist to soften the wax, or contact your doctor to wash your wax if you feel that he is annoying you

Remember to always consult a professional doctor.

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