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McDonald’s will permanently close 200 of the 14,000 U.S. locations this year, with “small-volume restaurants” at Walmart stores accounting for more than half of the closures.

During Thursday’s revenue call on Tuesday, the fast food giant said the closure was earlier planned for next year, but it is happening faster. Officials also shared the ongoing impact of the coronavirus pandemic on sales around the world.

“In a matter of weeks, McDonald’s has modified 30,000 restaurants and closed and reopened another 9,000 restaurants,” CEO Chris Kempczinski said during a revenue call on Tuesday. “In all of our restaurants, we’ve implemented new safety procedures, modified menus, and created new ways to serve contactless customers.”

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Starting Saturday, Aug. 1, McDonald’s customers will be required to wear masks or face masks when entering restaurants across the country, a chain announced last week.

McDonald’s announces a permanent closure. Dunkin will close 450 seats by 2020. It’s over, and Starbucks announced in June that it plans to close up to 400 corporate locations over the next 18 months.

According to the latest Yelp Economic Average report, 60% of restaurants that closed temporarily due to the pandemic have now closed.

Of the 39,000 McDonald’s restaurants worldwide, 96% are now open, up from 75% at the beginning of the second quarter. Sales of comparable stores, April Decreased 39 percent, in June, decreased 12 percent.

Restaurants with windows are recovering faster as customers try to limit contacts. However, there are difficulties in local city centers, shopping malls and tourist attractions, the company said.

Renovating 2,000 dining rooms with reduced seating, in July. Initially, the company stopped reopening due to cases of coronavirus. Last week, McDonald’s said it was postponing the renovation of the dining room for at least another month.


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McDonald’s said second-quarter net income fell 68% to $ 484 million. USD. According to a survey conducted by FactSet, earnings-adjusted earnings were 66 cents per share, which was less than the 74 cents Wall Street was aiming for.

Sales for the same quarter fell 24% for the full quarter, quietly speculating on analysts ’forecasts. In the United States, McDonald’s largest market, sales for the same store fell 9%. They increased by 8% over the same period last year. In international markets, sales of the same stores decreased by 41%.

Revenue fell 30% to $ 3.76 billion, slightly above expectations.

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