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Denver Nuggets chief Michael Porter Jr. said in his approved Snapchat account that there is an “agenda” behind the COVID-19 pandemic and that the new coronavirus is being used to “control” people and is “overcrowded”.

Porter’s comments came after the Q&A session he did on a social media program killing time in the NBA bubble in Florida.

The last question to Porter, 22, said, “Bro talks about this coronavirus (overcrowded) to scare people under control ((I know), you know all about it.”

“These are the facts,” Porter began, answering a question about the Pizzagate conspiracy theory earlier in the questions and answers.

“Personally, I think coronavirus is obviously being used for a bigger agenda. It’s being used to control the population just to control the mass of people. Because this virus is controlled all over the world. Wear masks and who knows what will happen when this vaccine comes out. You you may need a vaccine to travel.This would be crazy.I have never been vaccinated in my life, I have never had any shots or anything like that.

“It may go crazy, but it’s really an agenda for everything that’s going on right now. All you can do is sit back and watch what’s going on and not feel too emotional.

“But it’s a serious thing, a real thing, but yes, it’s overcrowded.”

Porter, 2018 The NBA League election number 14, averaging 7.4 points and 4.1 rebounds this season in 7 minutes. He appeared in 48 competitions, missed all 2018-19 due to injury.

A Star High School employee participated in Missouri in 2017-18, but due to injury, appeared in just three matches – one in November and two – in March. Although Porter says he has never been vaccinated, the University’s website in Missouri “requires that all newly admitted or readmitted MU students born after 1956. 31 December, Compliant with the two-dose MMR immunization policy ”by submitting vaccination documentation or by submitting“ measles (rubella) immunity, mumps and rubella documentation. “The university’s website states that” students who do not meet … will not be allowed to register or pre-register for the second semester at MU. ”


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