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Pete Buttigieg has his military powers: "It's not like I killed Bin Laden, but it was dangerous

For six years, the Intelligence Officer in the Naval Reserve, together with the deployment of six months in Afghanistan, makes gold-covered refurbishment not only illuminates lighter but also confirms the air

South Bend Mayor, Indiana, is a new generation of leaders who have become 2001 September 11 terrorist attacks, and voluntarily provided services in Iraq and Afghanistan. He and two other presidential candidates, Democrat Tulsi Gabbard and Seth Moulton, are veterans of these wars.

He is his life section, which he invites at almost every stop of his campaign – his biography, which has become almost the same as his presidential candidacy as his medieval roots or his mayor. He refers to his authority to separate himself not only from the most democratic competitors, but also from President Donald Trump.

"It helps me to prove the difference between how I am oriented as the current president," Buttigiegas said on Thursday about his military service. "We responded to the country's call to serve in very different ways."

But Buttigieg rarely reveals that his way to the army actually came from the president's race. As before Barack Obama's campaign in Iowa 1

2 years ago, he said he felt guilty that so many young people in rural communities had been registered with an army or national guard.

I had no experience in Iowa and just realized that some communities almost emptied their youth into the army, and some – barely serving, "CNN said. "And I wanted to be on the right side of this gap."

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Asked if he thought it would be when his military service would help the future for his political career, he replied: "There were times in my history when I was in a military place. He was unpopular.

He added: "You never know when to sign up for what it will be like in a year.

. he built his political career in Indiana. He was invited to Afghanistan in 2014, as President Barack Obama introduced a plan to launch an American army.

The military records reviewed by CNN show that Buttigieg was part of a unit dedicated to identifying and disrupting terrorist financing networks. At Bagram Air Base he was a part-time writer, but he also worked as an armed driver for more than 100 journeys that his commander took to Kabul.

"Look, it's not like I killed (Osama) Bin Laden, right?" Buttigieg said. "I do not want to overestimate what my role was, but it is really dangerous."

He said he was often assigned a driver who was ridiculously called "military Uber" because he was trained to shoot a rifle to observe embassies. However, explosive devices on the road pose equally high risks.

"The vehicle had to have at least two people with guns. "I often had to make sure the vehicle was either driven or properly protected."

Jason McRae still remembers when he met with Buttigieg's expeditionary combat center near Fort Jackson, South Carolina. He did not know that the man appointed to be his "battle buddy" was also Mayor of Indiana.

"One of my early memories was that he had an ear and learned a language. I think it was Dari, ”McRae said in an interview, remembering that day five years ago. "Of course, I do not remember other people who raised the speech at that time."

Ten people serving with Buttigieg Marine Reserves and Afghanistan, who spoke to CNN, described it as mature and so ambitious. However, some said he was the only one in the same corner, especially in the reserve section, filled with prosecutors, FBI agents, and other hard-working officials.

McRae. He traveled to Afghanistan and back to the United States with his friend Buttigieg not only learned a new language, but also became interested in local cultures and studied Afghan proverbs. He described himself as a "middle-level manager", following the instructions, even when they discussed how it seemed that the overall mission of the war was filled with uncertainty.

"In order to go to Afghanistan, there are probably less dangerous ways to tick a box," McRae said when asked about his friend's ambitions. "

"At that time I had no idea that he was going to go to the president, right? Maybe he did, but I really didn't," McRae said. "I have never had any reason to believe that he did it differently from his duties and responsibilities to his own country."

But Buttigieg spent most of his military service at the Naval Reserve Joint Intelligence Operations Center near Lake Michigan where he was going from South Bend. weekend jobs once a month. He joined the unit in 2009, eight months after Obama took office and volunteered abroad.

Lt Charles Murray, one of the leaders to whom Buttigieg has been appointed, said that the young reservist was divorced from the outset as an "enthusiastic and intelligent critical thinker". He said Buttigeg was mature and ready, but he didn't seem to be in reserve for the wrong reasons

"I saw people there where they paid and nothing more. they look better personally or professionally, ”Murray said in an interview. "He never interfered with me."

Several others, besides Buttigieg, who spoke under anonymity, were generally positive about his service. They said he didn't come out until they talked to him. After he returned from Afghanistan, he reported that he was in the column of gay BenD BenD, and his unit's people were surprised but supportive.

"No one had any problems with it," one reservist said. "We knew he was a democrat and an ambassador. The only negative thing I can say is that we have lost it. The unit would have been stronger if it stayed. ”

Thomas Gary, currently working in Illinois, The Treasurer's Office, serviced with Buttigieg, said the reservists were quietly looking at the presidential campaign. He and others said it was no surprise that Buttigieg had announced his candidacy, but did not see him as a "rush young man".

"We have those people who are on the same weekend who are moving their tickets," Gary said in an interview. "But never was my feeling that he was one of those guys."

Buttigeg, his time in Afghanistan is also responsible for another part of his biography. One year after his return home, he said he was gay

"It was a reflection I did when I was abroad," Buttigeg said. "I think it pushed me over the edge when I could find more excuses to just take time."

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