Regis Philbin, a longtime media personality, has died, “Live! WIth Regis and Kathie Lee ”and“ Who Wants to A Millionaire? ”Host. He was 88 years old.


The chemistry of Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford was so dynamic that many people in real life misunderstood their marriage.

In Tuesday’s ABC News, Regis Philbin: Morning Maestro – Special Edition 20/20, Philbin’s wife, Joy, said she was usually wrong about her former Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee.

“People often called me Kathie Lee because we’re like each other,” Philbin said at a crucial time. “People would see him redhead and think it was Kathie Lee, of course.”

But Philbin said the mixes never made her jealous.

“The women asked me if I should face any jealousy because he really spends a lot of time with very beautiful, very smart women,” said Philbin, who also hosted a guest on Live! “We’ve been married for so long that those worries seem to have dissipated.”

Regis Philbinas: Regis and Kathie Lee and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire TV presenter die at the age of 88

Hosts “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” and “Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee, he died on Friday of natural causes at the age of 88, his family confirmed in a statement sent to the United States today by his spokesman, Lewis Kay.

Philbino’s universal presence on television is highlighted by more than 20 years of morning shows with Gifford (1985-2000) and later by Kelly Ripa (2001-2011). On television, Philbin and Gifford often mentioned their spouses, and their daily activities became part of the spam of the day’s events.

Gifford said the duo laid the foundation for modern reality television.

“Oddly enough, if you hate reality TV today, you have to blame it (Regis) and yourself,” she said during the special show. “We were the first to know that I ever paid a living to talk about my life.”

“There will never be another”: Kathie Lee Gifford, President Trump, is more responsive to Regis Philbin’s death

Gifford’s daughter Cassidy paid tribute to Philbin with a sweet star depicting her father, NFL star Frank Gifford, who died in 2015. August, Photo.

“The laughter I know you’re sharing in the sky again is nice,” she said in a photo on Instagram. “I love you forever, Reega.”

Kathie Lee Giffordconsiders a ‘precious’ last visit with Regis Philbin; Kelly Ripa takes the lead

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