Motown Legend Smokey Robinson defends Jennifer Lopez's performance at Motown's Grammy Awards.
Brian McCollum, Detroit's Free Press Pop Music Critic

LOS ANGELES – Two years of feedback from Smokey Robinson on Tuesday afternoon said those who protest against Jennifer Lopez Grammy's appearance are trying to get us back one hundred "without forgetting "Motown has stopped racial obstacles."

"Stop hating," he said. "Motown united people, did not differentiate them."

Speaking with Detroit's free press test on Grammy Tuesday evening, Motown's tribute shows that a star born in Detroit was warmed up and highlighted when reading a statement.

"Don't call yourself (Motown's lover) if you are hateful and spread the same botany that you are so strongly opposed to come to you from others," Robinson said. "JLo was great and we love Motown."

Robinson was part of Lopez's Sunday evening collection. The retreat to Lopez, origin of Puerto Rican origin, has been simmered since it was announced earlier, and many say the pop star was an inappropriate choice to represent Motown and its terrible heritage in black American culture.

Robinson was a Microsoft Microsoft Theater before Tuesday night at Motown 60: Grammy. The show will take place on April 21st. CBS

Robinson has defended Lopez's appearance before Sunday night at Grammys, but said he was being asked to write a new statement because "so many people are speaking negatively. It is funny". 19659010] Jennifer Lopez and Smokey Robinson took part in the 61st Grammy Awards at the Staples Center, Los Angeles, 2019 February 10, Sunday. "width =" 540 "data-mycapture-src =" -3.jpg "data-mycapture-sm-src =" GRAMMYS-3.jpg? Width = 500 & height = 333 "/>

The 61st Grammy Awards Jennifer Lopez and Smokey Robinson took place on Sunday at The Staples Center, February 10, 2019 [19659011] (Photo: Robert Gauthier, TNS)