Some brands are starting to change their names and logos as they face increasing pressure to diversify and fight racism.


While trader Joe’s says he plans to change the names and packaging of some of his ethnic food brands, the food spokesman said he didn’t think the names were racist.

The company says it has labeled some of its ethnic foods with Joe variations for decades, including Trader Ming, which is used to brand the brand from China, Trader José, Mexican, Arabian Joe, Middle Eastern foods, Trader Giotto’s for Italian food and Trader Joe San for Japanese cuisine.

Trader Joe’s retaliation reports that a small petition calling on the company to “remove racist packaging” prompted officials to take action.

“We want to be clear: we don’t agree that any of these labels are racist,” the company said in a new statement it shared with the United States on Tuesday. “We don’t make decisions based on petitions. … If we feel the need for change, we’re reluctant to take action.”

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The company told U.S. TODAY on July 18 that it “decided a few years ago to use only the name of the merchant Joe for our products,” but did not have an exact date when the change would take place.

“We’ve recently heard from many customers reaffirm that these variations of the name are essentially seen exactly as they were intended – as an attempt to have fun marketing our product,” a Trader Joe’s said in a statement on his website on Wednesday. “We continue to make ongoing assessments, and those products that resonate with customers and sell well will remain on our shelves.”

Briones Bedell, a high school senior from California, launched a petition from merchant Joe about three weeks ago after other brands, including Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben’s, Butterworth’s and Cream of Wheat, on June 17th. Announced to update their images. calls for racial equality. Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream June 19 He announced that the Eskimo Pie brand will be renamed.

The petition contained more than 4,800 signatures on Tuesday evening.

According to trader Joe, officials are constantly evaluating what they are doing to “ensure our business makes sense and meets customer expectations,” and a couple of years ago asked the buying team to review all of our products to see if we needed to upgrade older packaging. also see if you need to update related brands created a year ago. ”

Some names and products that “didn’t combine or sell very well; therefore, they were discontinued. “

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