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The culinary competition shows that too many celebrity judges are used, fans complain

From The best chef to Shredded to Hell’s Kitchen In addition, people are obsessed with TV shows of the Food Network’s cooking competitions. Maybe it’s that food is a passion that almost everyone shares, or maybe we just like to see what’s the perfect dish. Whatever it is, the global culinary competition demonstration has turned us all into food.

You’d think the only complaint people have about this popular genre is that they don’t get food to taste when it’s done. In fact, one real complaint that keeps popping up in the fans of these shows isn’t very far off. So what is that complaint and what could be behind it?

Fans say the cooking competition show has too many celebrity judges

Bobby Flay cooks on stage
Chef Bobby Flay | Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images for NYCWFF

It is believed that for television producers, a celebrity judge should be a draw. If you know your famous celebrity will be attending your favorite cooking show, you’ll probably sort it out and see how things go on. At least that’s the idea.

But some people say the celebrity judge’s thing has gotten out of hand. Namely, they don’t want to see so many celebrity judges influencing how this contest turns out, especially if they’re not such famous people.

They also don’t like to see the same cooking personalities from one network in every other show on that network just because the TV network is trying to cross-advertise their other cooking shows.

Fans prefer to hear what real people have to say

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This discussion originated in the Reddit era when it came to different food celebrities appearing on the Food Network. Many people have mentioned that they don’t like certain personalities and therefore don’t want them to show up on a show that they usually like differently. Others mentioned that if they had celebrity judges, they would at least have to come from the net sometimes to have the same people on every show over and over again.

But one editor noticed that they actually choose to hear what ordinary ancestors have to say about food. One reason may be that they better mimic what their own experience will be like if they taste it too. They drew attention to that Beatos Bobio flay makes it a great result. It also helps to change the format of the trial, so not the same thing is repeated every time.

Fans have other good ideas on how to mix it up

Another idea had to be related to the formatting of the cooking contest shows. Specifically, they talked about how cooking shows often like to zoom in on direct action in an effort to make the kitchen sound more exciting. Or they enjoy a famous and sensational host who constantly tells the scene as if he were a game announcer.

An alternative record described it as occasionally “[going] an old-school canal of discovery ”and simply filming kitchen scenes in the voice of a more traditional narrator, explaining what’s going on in the kitchen and what steps competitors are taking. Shows how Great British Baking Exhibition and Nailed! already do something like that. Perhaps there is a way to incorporate even more of this narrative style into other shows and it would also ruin the fast-paced intensity of traditional culinary shows.

Nevertheless, the only reason fans have so many opinions about these shows is that they watch them all the time – and that means they are a huge part of our current culture and are likely to be for a long time to come. Who knows what innovations in the format of the cooking competition we will see below?

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