Tracy Morgan defends Donald Trump, praises police and health workers and jokes that his wife is three times pregnant during the quarantine interview at TODAY.


Tracy Morgan and his wife Megan Wollover divorce after nearly five years of marriage.

“This is a difficult time for all involved, so please respect our privacy,” Morgan said in a statement to the Associated Press.

The U.S. TODAY contacted Morgan representatives for more comments.

Morgan (51) Married to 33-year-old Wollover in 2015. In August, a year after Morgan was critically injured in a crash involving a Wal-Mart car in the back of a limousine. Morgan drove. One man was killed in an accident that left the former 30 Rock star and two friends seriously injured. Because of the injuries, Morgan had to learn to walk again.

“After almost losing Tracy last year, I’m so grateful that I finally got married for the love of my life,” Wollover told People in 2015. Morgan told the magazine that his wedding at Wollover had led to his recovery.

“I don’t want my wife to walk down the cane in the cane or in a wheelchair,” he said. “So I had a hard time overcoming the therapy.”

Tracy Morgan got into her new 2 million. USD Bugatti Veyron; another driver “injured”

The ceremony was attended by the couple’s only child, Maven Sonae. She is now seven.

Morgan also shares three adult sons – 28-year-old Tracy Morgan, 32-year-old Malcolm Morgan and 34-year-old Gitrid Morgan from a previous marriage to Sabina Morgan.

After “30 rock” Morgan from 2018. He starred in the television comedy The Last OG. He also lent his voice to episodes of various animated shows, including The Simpsons, Green Eggs and Ham, and Animals. “

Contributed by: Kim Willis, USA TODAY; Associated Press


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