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Trump's big deals only apply to their sponsors

The President's new immigration project, presented with the announcement of the White House Rose Garden on Thursday, has an infinite opportunity to become a law. The probability of unexpectedly resolving another baby's project, Jared Kushner, is to secure a "century deal" between Israel and the Palestinians. And although the President wants Iran to call him, the conditions his team has set for an agreement form a non-traditional dialogue.

In each case, the Trump approach is a good task to consolidate your priorities and the priorities of the stakeholders involved in the negotiations. – for example, conservative GOP candidates or the Israeli government.

However, offers to almost every other party in every negotiation, such as Palestinians, Democrats or any Iranian leader who can agree to a very incredible diplomatic opening.

And the plans confirm the unrealistic starting point of any negotiation ̵

1; in some cases, simply ignore the obstacles that do not correspond to the White House's approach to solving these problems and conflicts. previous administration failed to resolve.

Therefore, the prospects of success in any of these areas are hardly viable if Trump is looking for political victories for voters during the election. The President is a terrible political operator. It is always possible that he is deceiving himself – but not unlikely. The most likely explanation for his administration strategy is that he tries to maximize the political capital he can cut out of every initiative – a real sign that the election is only 18 months and is approaching it quickly

. also through our speech revealing the immigration plan

"If for some reason – perhaps political – we cannot get the Democrats to approve this merit-based high security plan, then we will get it right after the election, when we return to Parliament, consider the Senate and, of course we hold the presidency, ”said Short

" Short-Term "

planned arrival plans are obvious and may be significant.

When Democrats, whose voices need the president, have to return their immigration program – perhaps because it does not protect the postponed action for the beneficiaries of the childhood entry program – Trump can boast supp that he stood up for strong visas and merit visas , their main ambitions for their political base and conservative immigration defenders

One Potential Democratic Opponent to Short in 2020 November the plan was rooted in an alternative reality that does not exist.

"I'll tell you that today the ad was short. I think this shows that you are going to be unrelated to the greatest number of people, ”Harris said in Las Vegas on Thursday.

Other Trump critics argued that his plans to resume asylum legislation would simply prolong his war with immigrants

When the Palestinians almost certainly rejected the imminent plan for the Middle East, because there is no road to statehood and they do not believe the administration is an honest broker, The president boasts of an evangelical voter

The short Middle East envoy, Jason Greenblatt, confirmed on Thursday that the plan lacks a two-state solution – a long-term presumption of Palestinian support

. that phrase. We understand what the Palestinians are trying to achieve … we understand what Israel said about this issue, "said Greenblatt at the annual World Jewish Congress in Ottawa

. Military confrontation with Iran, Trump is trying to cool things down, meeting with the President of Switzerland on Thursday, which was considered a possible attempt to create a channel for Tehran.

If his proposal for negotiating with Iran somehow leads to a wonderful picture of talks with the leader of Tehran, he may create him as a masterful political coup if he fails, he may recall worthy efforts to eliminate the tensions his administration has spent in the last two years, but the likelihood of success is distant, also because the administration requires Iran's concessions so that no leader of the Islamic Republic can accept.

Why Presidents Announce Plans for Arrival

Trump is far from being the first chairman to make staggering appearance plans that will surely fail. Such an approach is also part of life, broken down in Washington, as a fighting struggle, and it can help presidents highlight political arguments and bring a consistent case to voters.

Democrats are doing the same thing – making bills to combat global warming and the health they know they will not accept Republican-led Senate, and not signing shortly – but they can use GOPs to block explosions and show voters the elections they were promised

The long-accused Democrats did not care about the transformation of immigration, saying that they wanted to hang the carrot of change before the Spanish voters to record their support in the elections

. to put an end to hostility between the US and Iran, which has peaked since 1979; The Iranian Revolution – Even if it displaced the nuclear agreement agreed by the Obama administration to US intelligence agencies

And Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush all tried to get the Middle East peace across the line – and failed.

But the Short Approach is a real sign that, during his presidency – taking into account Washington's deadlock and gloomy outlook abroad – administration's public relations efforts

Over the next two years there can be no complete write-off

If China's President exits serious With discounts on respect for intellectual property and the end of cybertheft, he was able to earn a celebration of an achievement that disappeared from his predecessors. – Despite the almost complete breakdown of the White House and Captain Hill relations above the Mueller report

And the US sanctions campaign and the obvious dual double promotion of the two presidential summits Finally, Kim Jong Un was able to account for serious negotiations with North Korea which led to the elimination of its nuclear disarmament. threat

. However, it seems that if the Short will try to get the big legacy, they will come in the first year. second term if he would win a re-election

CNN Paula Newton in Ottawa contributed to this story.

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