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Weapon killed 11 Jewish worshipers. Then people hunt for hate on the Internet

Last Hour And Days After Last October The people in the Pittsburgh tree synagogue were killed by 11 people, and so many people hate speech to Google to find anti-Semitic searches in the last twelve months.

Our analysis did not include benevolent information about the search for news, but users searching for "Jews must die", "kill Jews" and "I hate Jews", all of whom were looking for worrying rates than usual.

After April's Poway shooting at the Passport in California, more anti-Semitic Google searches were also found.

As expected, site-based reports, such as 4chan and 8chan, which were mostly selected for those looking to the right, also discussed the attacks a lot, although the content was more surprising and alarming

CNN ordered the analysis from HOPE Not Hate. From 201
8 May. Until last week, they studied an example of basic and minor online responses to better understand how anti-Semitic approaches are shared and disseminated on the Internet, especially after the two synagogue attacks that hit the hearts of America. The Jews. The results come after the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) that anti-Semitic incidents in America have risen to almost historical heights for the third consecutive year. 2018 There were 1,879 documented attacks against Jews and Jewish institutions.
  Eleven people were demolished in the synagogue of the Pittsburgh tree of life.

Finding "Jewish killing" Google gives stories about the Holocaust, but also describes how the Nazis killed Jews, and many people who threatened Jews.

The search for the term "Jews to die" shows stories about the Pittsburgh shooter who allegedly cried before shooting. However, Google hates "Jews" directing you to various pages, starting with Wikipedia's record of self-caring Jews before the article about the Deputy Founder, who left the company more than a decade ago. "10 things I hate about Jews". The articles also include comments by President Donald Trump telling Republican donors that Democrats "hate Jewish people".

When you go deeper into Google search results, articles become less important and more offensive. More protein and antisemitic vitriol appear.

Google is looking for "kill Jews", as well as atypically large, reaching levels not seen in Pittsburgh, following the Passover shooting, which killed one woman and injured rabbi and others, showing our research.


  Carly Pildis, the murder of other Jews is felt as death in his family

Great interest in anti-Semitism after many Jews to kill in cold blood, scares Carly Pilde in each of his fiber bundles.

As a Jewish woman living in Washington, who takes her two-year-old daughter to the synagogue and writes for the magazine "The Magazine" for Jews and culture, growing violence is worrying and affecting real life.

"This is a serious threat to life or death for American Jews," says Pildis. "I feel a sense of loss, because what was similar to Jews here."

Loss turns straight into rage when she learns more about searches after her double attacks on her community.

"It makes my blood cold," she says. "It just humiliates me to the core."

These searches look the same as the attacks. People are hunting online for injuring the Jewish community after they have suffered disastrous losses.

It's personal, like other Jews, who feel threatening. She says every Jewish attack or vandalism of property with swastika affects her. And in the killings, well, they feel like death in the family.

  The victims of the Pittsburgh synagogue are a couple of brothers, a couple who were married in a synagogue, and a pure nonagenarian.

on the day of the attack on the Pittsburgh synagogue. Then she received a call from a friend who apologized extensively. She didn't know what they apologized to. Now turn on the TV, it was told. When she did, she saw the most mortal attack on American Jews. It was the moment when they were most afraid of watching the Neo-Nazi march on Charlottesville streets in 2017, singing "the Jews will not change us!".

Seeing that someone is trying to destroy the Jews in the synagogue, she disappeared.

The picture was sitting on the floor of the bathroom, writing an opinion on what it meant to deal with it.

"I don't think I was sleeping for days. It was a heart break. It was horrible. It was a shattering soul, ”she explains.

While Penny saddled the life of the Jews at home, people were celebrating in a darker, but freely accessible internet corner.

In places like 4chan and 8chan, the level of extreme and violent antisemitism is often found every day. However, this amount of hatred has increased even more, as the number of Jews before the 8 Jews / Pol / Board is directly under attack by the Tree of Life.

  Lori Kaye was killed during the shooting of the Congregation for the Congregation on the last Passover Day

. The Jews were killed both in Pittsburgh and Poway, reducing the lives of the people to a "result". Low Kaye, a worshiper, was killed in a Poway attack. She was praying in her temple for her recently dead mother.

But the 8chan commented Poway's shooter called "f ***** g underachiever."

"Can you imagine your son throwing his entire life to get a high score 1? It's just shameful, ”the report said.

Director General of ADL: Descend into the sewer where it belongs

as well as many common white supremacist messages, such as KILL THEM ALL.

However, the most widespread statement was that many Jews actually attacked other Jews to gain support in society and cover other alleged inconvenient actions. It imitates a long, false, conspiracy theory that is repeated among anti-Semites, including those who erroneously claim to have made the Holocaust specifically.

"Hell Lion Deck"

The concern of radicalism experts is how many people can start looking for anti-Semitic phrases on a main site, such as Google, but ultimately gets to places like 4chan and 8chan and other forums in which the white bosses caught up in hate.

And as soon as you get involved, hatred seems to be growing. John Earnest, supposedly Poway's shooter, is believed to have posted a reference to the hate manifest 8chan before the attack. After the attack, 8chan defended himself: "Poway's shooter post 8chan was taken nine minutes after the creation. There are only screencaps and no archives, because the message was deleted so quickly. ”

However, the impact of forums and hate sites remains clear. In the eighties, a poster that is believed to be Earnest is called the alleged Pittsburgh shooter Robert Bowers. It is believed that along with xenophobic content, Gab, which is another home of far-right extremists, comments were common.

Joanna Mendelson, senior researcher at the ADL extremism center, invites 4chan and 8chan to "hate lion". "White bosses are armed with hatred," Mendelson says. “They use the Internet to broadcast their message to a global audience. They are armed legions of trolls to push their message through the Internet, in the darkest corners, and even on major platforms, ”she says.

  To fight white supremacy as terrorism, experts say

These "hate laboratories" provide conspiracy theories and violate vulnerable people, especially young white people, she says.

CNN spoke to a teenager who said he was attracted to hate on the Internet. He said that only a month he retired from his old self. Reject long-standing beliefs and even look at your own attitude to your religion. He asked him not to be recognized because he says he is threatened.

  Hate groups recruit our youth into a toxic belief system

Other radicalized internet users say one or three months their attitudes have changed completely and they have suffered from brainwashing. They just don't think they used it at the time. The repetition of the memes that are intended to act as jokes but sows hate seed, are affected by those who fled from the hell cycle of CNN.

And the fear is that if more people can hate at 4 or 8 hrs, some may commit suicide at the streets.

  Mourners leaves notes and flowers across the street from Poway Chabado

Experienced hate language scholars, commissioned by CNN, were shocked by the fact that they were after two attacks on the synagogue.

"I'm saying we're all going and we've started the war, I'm ready."

"Hitler did nothing wrong. Soon the whole world will not hate Jews, ”writes the other.

Records often denote the names of murderers, saying "give him a medal" or call their attacks "epic".

"Healthy John Earnest and His Best Manifesto," wrote one poster.

Another post specifically begins to write the names of killers in a numbered list that ends with ellipses, which means a desire to come more.

He or she offers more attacks until Americans "accept mosque and synagogue killings as normal" every day.

Experts like Mendelson are also concerned about the effects of the online hero worship.

"What we have now is attacks designed not only to kill but also to spread like fire, spread their poison over the Internet and inspire others," she says.

Danger and Failure

Social media giants such as Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are forced to think about the power their platforms have in size as it strengthens the hate speech when working in a free language.

However, more local places, where little, if any, appear to pose an even greater threat.

  Facebook, Google, and Twitter are committed to fighting online extremism after the shooting of New Zealand

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