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Week 7 "The Masked Singer" Week 7

[ContinuousEpisodeFox episode removed celebrity identity .


Two different celebrity groups compete each week with Fox but the seventh episode of the exhibition brought the last six singers along with rabbit, alien, lion, dude, peacock and monster.

In the first combined episode, no celebrity was seen when an alien sent home. It turns out that the fans at home (who were very singing about their predictions about social media) were right: the red frame Alien is La Toya Jackson

In an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter Jackson discusses song selection process, judge guesses, what gave her identity, and what singer she really admitted when she watched the prime minister

(Editor's note: Jackson didn't turn to his late brother Michael and / or questions Why did you finally decide

Jackson: Actually I am very hesitant Be open to you because I didn't know who the other participants would be, so funny because I didn't talk to anyone except my mother, and I said : "But the mother, what to do if Gladys Knight is in an exhibition or someone who sings like Aretha Franklin, because these girls are just unbelievable "They are incredible singers. So I was a little doubtful and at the same time juggled. At the end of the day I said, "You know what? It will be a good experience and you will get the chance to do everything you feel. ”

You had to do a lot to prepare for how to learn songs and choreography, right?

I enjoyed doing this. And yes, you work with dancers and choreographers, and then, of course, the song.

Have you chosen your songs, or are they the song list you choose? At the beginning of

I thought about a list of songs that I could sing, and then they said, "Give us a list" and then they decide whether they can clean them up or not. And the ones they could clean up are the ones that [you choose from] and if they haven't done that, they will have to choose another one.

When you started, the judges were really sure you were Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid. What do you think about their guesswork?

I was so funny because they also thought I was Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie and I'm glad they weren't guessing. That's what I was happy about.

Twitter fans thought it was you. Have you heard of them?

Oh, you laughing? Arrows. Everyone said, "Oh, this is La Toya, it's La Toya, and if I wanted to change something that wasn't related to the show, any view," Yes, you're really a foreigner. " "Are you an alien, right?" And I always disregard them.

Robin Thicke made a lot of remarks about your body suit. What do you think about these comments?

And I thought it was a compliment. It was like "Wow, thank you." Because you live with yourself, you see yourself all the time, you don't know anything, so it was Wow, jeez, he thinks I'm a model.

Nicole Scherzinger said she didn't think you were a professional singer who, of course, you know, but next week she said she might be wrong. What did you think about it?

Well, that is their thoughts, and I just accepted it, and you just move on. Don't let this affect you. Those moments were her thoughts, and the first show was just for me ̵

1; I couldn't see anything from the mask. I didn't know where I was going. I thought I was going out of the scene and then you couldn't really hear it because the mask was so big and I had to have a microphone under it or on it. So it was hard for me, the first appearance. So I get it. It was difficult. I said it could only be better, and the second show was a bit better for me.

Have you helped the brain brain producers?

It was very interesting because I didn't want to be so obvious that people could guess it. The minus they asked and the person who worked with me said, "Give them your badge," he concealed my idea that manufacturers would not say that the badge is from Indiana. And really what happened. And I go: "Oh, no."

What was the secret to always be masked and loved and not to talk to someone about the set?

to concentrate and split each other. It was just amazing how it was done because you get picked up, the driver signs a non-disclosure agreement and you are insured, and then they come to the car for a minute when you get there, and double cover you before you leave the CBS gate. It was just amazing – not actually showing your clothes or hands or anything. I thought it was very wise, as it was, because I don't see anyone. I had no clue what was the show. Except for one person, I thought it might be because I could say a voice, but yes.

Have you watched? Do you have your own guesses?

I look. I spent time in Europe, but I was watching when I returned. And yes, I still think I guessed it – well, I already know what the Peacock is. But no, I think I have one person. Only one. Margaret Cho, she was a bottle. For the clues

Did you talk to someone who was removed? Do you have to talk about your experience with someone who has it?

No, I'm not. No, not quite because I was so busy. But it would be very interesting. I have never even given a thought. I think that after the vote, I will know, after I think,

After all the experience, would you do that again?

Do you know what I think I would like. Over time, I have made two different projects. It was very difficult for me, but I think I'll try it again. I'd like if I could. This time I would like to make sure they didn't have any hints or anything if I wanted to do it elsewhere.

What are you doing now?

I work with others on projects, show that we put together and produce. So I'm really happy about that. And now I am doing a lot of work in Europe at the moment, showing that we have also put together. That's great, I'm very proud.

Scenario or reality or live performance?

One of them is reality and the other is like a semi-reality if it makes sense to you. And then there is a really written project. The third project is really written. Yes

A disguised singer flies on Wednesdays at 9am. ET / PT "Fox"

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