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Why do you know more about Super Smash Bros.?

The most important moment in Super Smash Bros. history happened 13 years ago, at E3 2006.

The first ever trailer for Super Smash Bros. Brawl Super Mario Galaxy and the announcement of the DS Lite premiered at the end of the Nintendo's onstage presentation. The trailer was good, but nothing had been done.

The final seconds of the reveal trailer, after Nobuo's iconic theme song, was finished playing and the logo flashed across the screen. One Meta Conversation with the Colonel Later, and Solid Snake had officially joined Nintendo's flagship fighting franchise.

In a way, the Super Smash Bros. series has been chasing the emotional high of that 30-second snippet ever since.

The Power of Cooperation

Crossovers and cameos in video games . SNK's King of Fighters was the company-wide fighting game that Smash Bros. would be ultimately become, and it debuted in 1994. Alex Kidd in Shinobi World was a platformer, the two titular franchise on the Sega Master System in 1990. And Namco triple-dipped into cameo territory featuring Spawn, Heihachi, and Link as platform-guest guest characters in Soul Calibur II in 2002.

Nonetheless, seeing and hearing Solid Snake rendered in such a character model to the dozens of fully-coded codec conversations, felt different. The standard, expected rules of the game, if not outright broken.

And that was before Sonic the Hedgehog was later announced as a playable character as well. Still find it surreal. find it surreal. That sort of thing would have been unthinkable in the midst of the Nintendo-Sega Console Wars.

The nintendo and non-Nintendo franchise franchise alike has since been a staple of the series, and a source of both rampant speculation and (often hilarious) celebrations from fans. Nintendo has leaned into this anticipation and pageantry; the humble, in-engine reveals of snake and sonic Brawl

I saw the Solid Snake reveal when I was 18 years old; I 'm about to turn 32. Participating in the cycle Smash has become a favorite party. It is a positive, optimistic activity. Nintendo still manages to surprise us, all the way to the next next.

Seeing how nintendo shrugs off our assumptions is part of the fun, in fact. Ridley? I thought they were too big, so I never thought it would happen. I didn't think Bayonetta had a chance in hell in a family-friendly Nintendo franchise. Joker? I never saw it coming, which made it even more fun.

Choose your character

Super Smash Bros. and put short-term profits, platform exclusivity, and other ways to help make people excited and happy.

And this approach is an altruistic fan service on the part of Nintendo; Ultimate is the company's fastest-selling game of all time, and as well as anticipation for upcoming characters.

The Super Mario RPG Super Mario RPG Every single song, visual element, and playable character from the Castlevania franchise, was the result of what is a complete, legally-binding negotiation process. Nintendo and hoped for the best; it seems as though each publisher and developer was intimately involved in the treatment of their characters.

Still, Nintendo didn have to do this. Masahiro Sakurai didn't have to do this. What do you think? all games doing something like this, or at least more? Nintendo is creating its own reference and crossover-heavy version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the Smash Bros.

But third-party crossovers are still exciting and rare in gaming. Project X-Zone (RPG series featuring characters from Sega, Bandai / Namco, Capcom, and Nintendo franchises) and LEGO Dimensions (a game where you can have a GLADOS, Homer Simpson, and Scooby Doo sound out) the reality was most likely extreme, but their publishers were able to make it happen anyway, to differing results. These instances still feel like exceptions.

And the process doesn’t instantly become simple just because of a wide range of characters; The now-defunct Disney Infinity series may have been brought down, but ended up hurting the game itself.

There is no single magic trick to make these cross-promotional opportunities run smoothly. release.

Challenger approaching

The Super Smash Bros. series has become a sort of living document of gaming history. It is a franchise that has been developed and published in the 80s.

It is fair to say that is included in Smash Bros. gives a character (and its franchise) a level of prestige and recognition. Game characters can be canonical without being a Smash Bros. game, of course, but inclusion in that hallowed series certainly helps.

When I sent my brother dozens of all caps caps during the King K. Role reveal it wasn't because I was excited to have a heavy fighter. It was because of a part of our childhood, the boss we spent a few hours at a wider stage.

Seeing Joker revealed as a DLC character black and white, to see the favorite stage of a huge music festival. It is validating, especially if you were a franchise.

Most importantly, these crossovers drive to think up their own wildest character inclusions and ask a simple, vital question: Why not? For years, Final Fantasy series to ever return to one of their consoles.

But Cloud Strife has been in two Smash Bros. games, and every good 3D Final Fantasy title is available on the Switch. I doubt it was a good thing, but it was probably the best thing to do.

A year ago, it was assumed that Persona was a Sony exclusive. Now, Smash Bros. features the main character of Persona 5 and a collection of music tracks from the entire franchise. Plus, a Persona game is finally coming to the switch, even if it is the one who was expecting or maybe hoping for. These walls are being broken down, and Nintendo often seems to be the company most willing to get out of the sledgehammer to help it happen.

Banjo and Kazooie, Steve from Minecraft Erdrick from Dragon Quest Sora from Kingdom Hearts Spider-Man, Son Goku; why not? Nintendo has slowly chipped away from our industry, and we live in the world Fortnite . These crossovers are still surprising and delightful, but so many other companies are trying to make them happen.

Nintendo has – unintentionally or not revealed better.

Nintendo has changed the way in the world, which is one of the most revered in the world. And it is a clear reason to do the same.

So the real question is a simple one: Are they up to the challenge?

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